My Saturday / Night


imageIn the day time Saturday I did my makeup and had gotten together with a girlfriend of mine and got my makeup complimented on by the cashier at Starbucks. That made my day, the funny thing is I did something different with my eyebrows.

So my Annabelle’s Brow-To-Go Kit has a wax in it and it says to use it after to set the brows but what I did was I put it on first then put the powder to fill in the brows. And I have to say I liked them better that way. It lasted all day / night long.

Oh and don’t you just love that sweater? My brother got it for me for Christmas. Was a great weekend daytime outfit. I felt good and everything came together.

Saturday night was crazy well the first part wasn’t crazy. So for my evening makeup I played up my imageeyes made them darker. The rest of my makeup was still looking awesome. Thanks to Physicians Formula super cc cream in light. It’s my favourite foundation. My hair was not totally working with me. I haven’t used my curling iron in years and so when I went to rock my new hair piece the parts of my bio hair that were left out were not curling as much as I had hoped. Except my bangs lol I even tried my hot curl brush. Anyways I did end up clipping the curls up to cool and set. All in all it worked out.

Also my outfit was very on point and I looked and felt amazing. The only thing I was disappointed with was my earrings. I forgot to change my small hoops for chandelier earrings. But over all I looked pretty hot if I do say so my self.

My friend gave me this blue dress which was very short very body hugging and very much a club dress but I decided not to rock it because it’s not summer weather just yet and it’s the perfect dress to wear for summer because it’s the type of dress you wear without a bra.

The crazy part of the night was mixing beer with shots and it was just not a good time at the end of the night I was told I got sick. Yup I thought maybe that was a dream but nope I got sick. Then Sunday morning I was sick all day long sick as in didn’t want to eat was nauseous. IBS hated me I was bloated tummy was swollen. I looked like utter shit!. I really can’t drink like I used to. My new max is like two drinks max and then switch to water. Or don’t drink at all when I go out.

Besides the crappy part it was a good night I looked amazing as did both my friends I went with and it was fun over all.




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