Can’t Stand Pigs!

imageSo I had thought I had eradicated all the pigs out of my life but as it turns out there was one that slipped through the cracks and till this morning when his true colors came out and I had to get rid of him from Facebook. Now this person I didn’t even know that well he was a door guy that worked at this gay club. I thought this guy was gay and didn’t think much about him. He had complimented me the night I had seen him. He’s this short fat bald guy.

Anyways Facebook a few weeks ago or so had said I had a message from this person and it was in other folder. He had given me another compliment so I accepted the message request. He went on, I quickly shot him down and said thanks but no thanks I’m seeing someone and told him to back off. I had said aren’t you gay and his response was no. Given I don’t date gay men. He apologized and then asked if he could add me a friend. I said sure and thought nothing of it.

And till this morning. I added a new profile photo to then getting an instant message from him and he basically was being a pig then went on to ask me how big my breasts were to which I basically told him, first I’m not responding to such a question secondly your aware I’m dating someone and quite frankly if you don’t stop you can remove me as a friend and then I went a bit further and went to his profile removed him as a friend and blocked any more messages from him. It’s like buddy get the fucking hint even if I was single I’m not into short fat bald fucks thanks. You will never ever in a million gazzilian years get this ewwwww.

So I’ve learned only add people I know well. Also some people really need a respect wake up call. Seriously the nerve of some people.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Stand Pigs!

  1. So entitled…I have purged my Facebook list many times and try to keep it to people I really know. A lot of people from some of the hair groups try to friend me but if I don’t really know them then I don’t! Much less dudes I don’t know…just too many jerks in the world.

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