Saying Goodbye To All Hair Dye! – Hello Healthy Hair!


Is it possible that I can actually do this? That’s something I want to work on doing. When I was little I had an amazing hair Color it was natural and I have every shade in my hair. Red, blonde,gold,brown kind of like a golden brown. Anyways I’ve always liked to change my hair and every time I grow my hair out I go through different shades. But lately I’ve been on a kick of having the healthiest hair I can have and let’s be honest here. It would be more cost-effective to skip all future dye and just let my hair grow. Of course I have to take care of the Color that’s in it right now.

But if I can just keep getting my regular trims every 4 months to remove the split ends. And keep doing my coconut oil deep conditioning treatments and use my good shampoo and conditioner. My hair will be in the best healthiest condition. And if the roots really become a huge problem then I’ll sport a wig or two while I’m growing the blonde out or rock a headband or something.

Also what is really in all that hair dye anyways?,  like those chemicals that I can’t even pronounce?. I’m also really loving my natural hair texture which really is wavy/curly. The last thing I want to do is ruin it by coloring. I’ve also managed how much coconut oil to use when I do my deep scalp treatments and to really just focus on my scalp more so then drenching my hair with the oil. Whatever is left on my hands is what gets distributed onto the strands.

That has really been trial and error. Because when I put too much oil on my hair even though I wash it off it doesn’t get all off and then it ways my hair down as well my waves/curls. Anyways I want healthy hair and part of that I’m assuming is calling it quits to all hair dye and accepting and embracing my natural hair Color for what it is.

One thing I did enjoy seeing which most people would probably disagree with me on this, is watching my roots come in. Because psychologically it would tell me how much my hair has grown. Which would give me warm fuzzy feelings because of me wanting to grow my hair long. Totally weird I know but I never said I was normal lmao. So two things I’m doing accepting my glitter bits and accepting my natural hair color and appreciating the natural beauty of my hair.

I know it won’t be easy this hair growth journey and leaving hair dye to others. Because I always get excited internally when I walk past the boxed dye isle at any store that sells it. But I really need to just accept my Color for what it is which is pretty fucking fabulous.

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4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To All Hair Dye! – Hello Healthy Hair!

  1. Last year, after my breakup, I dyed my hair dark (I am a natural dirty blonde). For me it seemed brown, but it was really probably just the darkest blonde you can imagine. My hair, which had been colored it’s whole life (highlights and bleach etc) started breaking and cracking and falling out – for months! I was so upset. It was then I decided to take a break…I brought my hair back closer to it’s natural color and just do the roots now for the past 4 months and I am finally staring to see healthy results,

    My hairdresser always jokes how all the bleach never affected my hair but it was clearly allergic to being brunette!

    I also take vitamins and fish oil every day and I finally see some shine coming back! Good luck – it’s a long road but totally worth it for beautiful hair!

    1. Thankyou, I also take biotin though not sure if that’s doing anything yet can’t really tell but it’s funny how we always want something we don’t have like blondes sometimes want dark hair or vice versa, or curly hair girls want pin straight hair and vice versa. I say rock a wig if you really want to drastically change ones hair.

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