Hello Oil Pulling – Say What?


If you haven’t heard of oil pulling your not alone. When I googled coconut oil and the benefits of using this miracle oil I was blown away at

A. How many uses it can be used for


B. How cheap it is to buy.

I first started using it on my hair doing scalp treatments once a week I sware to god my hair has grown so quickly and is so much more healthy because of those treatments. I also only wash my face with it and though I still do have some break outs nothing like before. I also use it as an acne spot treatment. As a makeup remover and in shower moisturizer as well as just a moisturizer. Hand and nail cuticle oil andnow I’ve started to do oil pulling.

From what I have read up about Oil Pulling is its amazing for healthy teeth and gums. It removes toxins with in the mouth and it also whitens teeth. It’s been around for over 3.000 years.

Basically you want to use about a Teaspoon or more nothing overly big because it does get liquefied in your mouth but you really need to use 100% extra virgin coconut oil. They say to get the best benefits to swish it in your mouth for about 20 minutes and don’t swallow it. You would be amazed how quickly 20 minutes go by when you keep busy. When you go to spit it out do so in the trash not the sink. It’s normal to be a thicker milky Color when you spit it out, Then brush as usual. I’ve read that it’s best to do it first thing in the morning but really anytime is fine. Because I’ve done it twice now and I haven’t done it first thing in the morning only because I forget too in fact I maybe do it once a week. To me if I remember too I still reap from the benefits.

Anyways if you want more detailed info Google Oil Pulling.



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