Life Update for April

Lordy it’s been very interesting the past few months first things first. I did pay off one of my credit cards and canceled it so proud of my self for doing that. One less debt to worry about.

I had gone on a fun date with one guy that I’m still talking to from time to time. He’s much taller than me and a real funny guy. I do plan to meet up with him again if he comes back to Ottawa or when I go to Toronto when I go to visit friends.

Then there was this other guy that lived pretty far away we had connected and it was going pretty fast. Though we never physically met we did Skype a lot and text and all of that. However more often than not we butted heads and till I decided it was best to part ways.

My hair journey is going well it’s getting pretty long as are my roots. I’m on this new kick of letting my natural color come through. I want to say it’s more of a light brown then a dark brown. I have a lot of colors in my hair though it’s hard not to want to Color my hair because I’m so addicted to it.

Ive started to do Oil Pulling with my favourite natural oil coconut oil, god this stuff is amazing and so versatile. My new plan this year is to pay down my other credit card and enjoy my time with good friends and family and work on my self.



4 thoughts on “Life Update for April

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your posts. I feel like I can totally relate to you even though our life experiences are very different. I think the thing that causes some people to develop trichotillomania is wrapped up in our personalities. It seems people with Trich are mostly intelligent, creative, talented, highly sensitive people. Also, we are perfectionists. Never satisfied with ourselves. Anyhow, I think you are so lovely and strong. Keep being you. 😊

    1. I think never being happy with ones self and Trich may have something combined, but Trich was brought on by something that happened to me as a child we believe from IV being put into my scalp at the front top of my head. Because my vains as a baby were to tiny.

      I’m pretty content with my self now and even more so now that I have a full head of hair. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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