Clover Came & Clover Went!

So I had downloaded Clover sadly it didn’t last long I stayed for about a week or so. It wasn’t the app for me. I spoke to two main people. One I still speak to from time to time and this other guy who was a Leo. If guys are a Leo I don’t mesh well with them I never have. Anyways we had spoken about meeting but of course that was bs and haven’t spoke since.

Maybe it’s me or my minds set but that whole world is sorta not on my brain these days. I don’t want to say it’s that Americans fault but I just don’t really care about meeting people off-line these days. Don’t get me wrong I do want to meet new people. Its more so organically like out and about like how people used to meet instead of using apps. I have reinstated my account on another website key word website not app  but again not sure how long I will stay on it or the one where I met Mr American. I might just leave the online world when it comes to meeting people completely or I may just leave my two ads up since it’s not costing me a dime to do so.

On the positive side of things though I have a date set up for when I’m in Toronto with Mr 6’5 bachelor so I’m excited about that. We still keep in touch which is nice. What I have learned this month before going into June is, I don’t need to be on the dating apps like I was last year. And in fact I also don’t need a man for pleasure though there has been times where it has been nice those have been spread out and not as fulfilling as I later felt. However saying that I do still have to say that Russian Prince I was with was amazing sex lmao.

Moving forward ive learned to go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason and when the time is right I’ll meet the guy for me. I’m just not going to try as hard as I have in the past and when it happens it happens.

Over & Out


The Bathroom BullShit!

That’s what I’m calling this post. It’s been on the news and written on people’s blogs and in news papers and everywhere. People have been bugged and spoke about and talked about and  harassed and it really has become a huge thing.

I my self experienced a little of this many years ago before it ever became a problem in recent months.

I was at a train station in Toronto. I remember it was early in the morning and I had gone to use the women’s bathroom and upon leaving the bathroom (note nobody was in the bathroom when I used it I was the only one in it) when I walked out there were two  security officers who approached me. They asked if I had the full sex confirmation surgery to which I said yes.

They then asked me for my paper work and ID. I said I’m sorry but I don’t have it on me. They asked where I lived I told them the area (Pickering) and that I was in Toronto visiting friends. They were fine with that but basically told me to carry my ID and paperwork on me from now on I agreed and went on my way. It was early on in my transition that this happened to me.

But I’m thankful I have never had any other problems since then. If anything I’ve heard people say wow she’s tall but nothing related to me not being female or trans for that matter. To which I’m extremely thankful for. Here’s the thing when I go to the bathroom I do my business as does anyone. I wash my hands do a once over at my self in the mirror and then leave.

Its amazing that people are now picking on trans people. First it was whites than Indians then Chinese than Jews then it was blacks and on to gays and lesbians and bisexuals and now it’s the trans community’s turn. Seriously people get a Hobby! And stop picking on people. Also guess what bathroom has been trans friendly? Construction outdoor porter pottys, every sex uses them. Out door concerts, Outdoor events,Gay Pride, Construction sites and I’m sure many other things.

Anyways I think it’s just crazy that in this day and age people are afraid of what they don’t know and so when they are afraid they want everyone to be, when they could just learn trans people are people too and they just want to pee or take a crap like everyone else and that we don’t care about hurting someone in a fucking bathroom. Also a Predator can barge into a bathroom any time they want and attack their prey at any given time. Using trans as a way to make people afraid is retarted. And now people in the media are making it pretty bad for trans people so thanks.

And with that I want to leave something here. I had originally posted this over on my Facebook but I thought I’d post it with this. A little while ago I was out shopping with my mother at a pretty large grocery store. I had to use the bathroom. I asked someone where it was and headed over. The women’s bathroom said it was occupied which means it was a single bathroom. I looked to the men’s and it was available (I haven’t used a men’s bathroom in well over 15 years) I walked in it was also a single bathroom it stunk it was nasty and I did my business and went to leave. As soon as I opened the door I noticed a woman standing waiting for the women’s bathroom. We locked eyes her face had a surprise look on it. And I simply said with a big fat smile “When You Gotta Go – You Gotta Go” we both laughed and then she went in after me.

If I didn’t have to go so bad I would have waited and used the woman’s bathroom but with that and with what has been happening lately with this bathroom nonsense it was fitting in a way. I won’t post anything more relating to the bathroom bullshit. I just wish the people who started all of this crap put their efforts into oh I don’t know stopping Isis or putting their time and energy into more important things. I’m just saying!!!!.

NikeID Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Photosynesis iD

So my customized runners finally came in last week. I had them shipped to my parents place and since I’m here today I was able to do a reveal and review for my YouTube channel and thought I’d come and share it will all of my readers here.

My last pair of runners I had got from Payless so they were cheap and did what I needed them to do. And before them I had and still have my New Balance but sadly those I’ve had since 2011 and now the inside backing is falling apart. While looking for new cute runners I came across NikeID runners you can  customize to your liking.

Also when looking for cute girly runners they never have fun cute styles for feet bigger than 11 or 12. Why is that? It’s like women with big feet don’t like cute fun styles excuse me but we do!.


My full reveal & review below, enjoy.

Nine West Gold Mana Heels Part 2

imageO.M.G. These are probably the prettiest sandals I’ve ever owned. I went down to LTS today to pick them up. I was able to try them on before leaving the store with them. I ordered them in a size 11 and glad I did because if they were a 12 they wouldn’t look right. So I’m smart on that one lol.

They fit like a glove. The gold is not super crazy and some photos online they look like they sparkle but I assure you they don’t. They are super classy in my opinion and anyone who is thinking of getting these shoes should. The website says the heel is a 3inch but the sales lady at the shop measured them at a 4inch so who knows but what I do know is I’m loving them and they will be a great going out to dinner shoe. And yes surprisingly I can walk in them.

See video below

Also Nine West has lower kitten heels and Long Tall Sally does carry them as well. I did try on a pair and honestly did nothing for my feet in fact they were quite ugly on my foot and I’m not just saying that. Because I had thought about getting a lower heel before I had bought these gold ones. Anywho I’m extremely satisfied with these shoes and I know I’ll get some good use out of them this summer.

Over & Out


Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat

So now that diva has her fur coat back I thought it would be good to get her something that would help cool her down. Last year I would use a microfibre cloth and soak it in cold water and wrap it around her neck but it wasn’t amazing. So I went to google and found this cooling mat. Then I checked Petsmart and low and behold they had one.

I paid $22.00 it was the last one on the shelf the day I picked it up. It’s an As Seen On Tv and yet I’d never seen it before. It does such a nice job cooling her down that I might just lay on when she’s not using it lol.

There is no refrigeration or freezing required. You don’t add water to it. The dog just lays on it and it begins to cool down. After about 3 hours it needs to get recharged and all you have to do is move the dog off of it for 15 minutes and then it’s back up and running. Also for easy cleaning just wipe with a cloth.

What I love about it is that you can put it any where the floor, sofa or even your bed. Or bring it with you in the car or on a walk. I have put it on the floor the sofa and the bed. At first Diva wasn’t sure about it. But she’s gotten better about it. And she gets cooled down faster.



Nine West Mana Heeled Sandals

Summer weather is almost here and that means sandals galore. Flats, medium heeled, high-heeled & wedges. I own a ton of flats, usually in the summer I will wear ballet flats depending on the outfit or flip-flops and I have a few pairs of dressy flats very low wedges but I don’t own any dressy sandals with a heel.

imageWhen I was at LTS Long Tall Sally I noticed a gold pair of strapped high heel sandals. Super sexy, totally classy and I fell in love with them but didn’t try them on.

So here is something funny. Running shoes I’m a 13. Flats I’m between a 12 or 13 depending on the style and for open toed of either a flip-flop or heel I’m a 11 or 12.

I did order these in an 11 and have shipped them to the store here in Ottawa and will go and try them on, fingers crossed they fit but if not I’ll have them order in a 12. Shipping to store is free just to let all my big feet gals know.

The heel on these is 3 inches. They are leather upper and lining and sole is synthetic. At LTS they come in Black, Gold and Snake Print. I love gold shoes and metallic and silver as well red. I think gold is a nice Color to dress up any out fit. It’s great for making a basic black dress pop as well a floral dress get classy.

Also the details on this particular shoe scream classy with the over vamp band for the toes and the delicate buckled ankle strap. I’m excited to rock these heels when I go out for dinner or drinks on my travels this summer.

imagePayless also has some similar shoes to these but not in leather. Same sorta look but at a fraction of the price. But I haven’t seen this style in store, just online while looking. So if your lucky and you live in the states then you can get to buy these if you want the look but don’t want to spend a lot.

Any ways I think every woman needs a pair of strapy sexy heels in their shoe wardrobe. If you can wear a heels of course. Bring on warmer weather so I can wear cute outfits and cute shoes.

Diva’s Fur Is Back & Better Than Ever


I’m thrilled to say that Diva’s fur is back, it’s fluffy and soft and it’s back full force and just in time for summer weather, when it decides to come. She no longer will need to wear doggy t-shirts or fall sweaters. Though when it rains I’ll still throw on rubber booties because of street dirt and a rain jacket because she hates the rain unless it’s in my parents back yard then she couldn’t care.

Her tail is almost all back and fluffy.I figure another month and it will be back to the way it was. She finally looks normal again. I regret having the groomer give her that hair cut. Though she looked cute boy did it ever fuck up her coat. I’m just so thankful it grew back. I wish I just had her back legs trimmed down like they should have been. You live and you learn right.

I’ll be putting the majority of her dog attire in a box and will store it away. For possibly the next pooch I get down the road. Though who knows if it will be a small dog or a bigger dog at that point.

I had someone in my building tell me “Wow your dog needs a hair cut” I responded back saying “Oh hell no!”. They hadn’t seen her for a while with her fur grown back. And last year I had told a bunch of people she had dog alopecia which was true and that’s why she was wearing dog clothing. I’m just glad it was post clipping alopecia and not the other kind where it never grows back.

The following information below was taken from Here

(Post-clipping alopecia is likely to be due to clipping of hair when all the hairs are synchronised in the telogen phase and it usually resolves following subsequent growth phases.)

So if you ever have a dog that has a double coat like a Chiranian or Pom or Pomchi leave the coat alone. Or you risk fucking it up for good. I’m just glad her coat is back and she’s looking like her self again.



Traveling Far & Wide

So this summer is going to be busy for me, I’m going all over. July near the end I’m heading to Cali for ten days with my folks for my God mothers celebration of life memorial. Then in August  near the beginning im heading to Toronto to visit two best friends of mine for three nights / four days. And then the end of August I’m heading to The Big Apple non other than Manhattan with a girlfriend of mine for three days.

I went out Sunday with my parents to pick up some fabulous carry on luggage. It’s fabulous the designer is Anne Kline And I’m excited to get some use out of it. I’m also excited to get some use out of my new bathing suit I bought last summer.

One of the things I’m gonna get to do while in Cali is do a tour of Alcatraz. I hear its haunted which is totally up my ally. And because I’m in such great shape there is a ton of walking involved so it’s something I can do on my own. I’ve watched a few tours on YouTube and it looks like a hell of a good time. And very cool as well.

This summer is going to be amazing. And I’m excited for it all.

Yay for fun