Dream Waves Beach Spray

imageSo I have bought a few Marc Anthony curl products since growing out my hair. I’ve been using the Strictly Curls shampoo and conditioner and it just sorta amps up my waves a tad and the curl lotion doesn’t make my hair any more curly like I thought it might.

But recently I noticed he has some hair products for beach wavesimage though every where I go I haven’t seen the shampoo or conditioner any where. I picked up the dream waves beach spray and it works amazingly on my hair. The curl lotion in the Strictly Curls line doesn’t curl my hair but it does make it wavyish.

imageToday I went on the hunt hitting up a few spots and didn’t find the S&C any where. Their website states the locations here in Canada where the products are sold but doesn’t list which ones.

I have gone to five places in total as well some online places. And no one is selling it.

Update: I contacted Marc Anthony’s website and got an email back saying they have discontinued the Dream Waves Shampoo @ Conditioner. I responded back with they might want to remove it off the site because it’s misleading and or put next to it now discounted. Will they?, who knows but they should because it gives the costumer hope that they can go and buy it.

Anyways for my full review check out my video below.


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