Helping Others In A Big Way


So next year I will be quite busy. I’ve decided to go back to school and will be taking cosmetology just haven’t decided which of the two schools I’ll be going to. There is one school that is very we’ll known and it’s a private school and it’s 44 weeks, then there is a college that offers a two year hair styling program but it requires all graduates to complete 2,000 hours of in-salon apprenticeship hours. Once both components (in-school and in-salon) have been satisfied, graduates are eligible to write the provincial exam certification for an additional fee.

Also when you graduate you get an Ontario College Diploma. And that is pretty amazing. Unlike the private hair school where yes you do get a diploma but the college here is to me a bit easier in the sense of it requires you to complete the 2,000 hours towards apprenticeship to get the certification unlike the private school where it gives you the course but then you have to find a salon to get those hours to work towards writing the exam to get the hair styling license.

Small story relating to this is, when I was 18 pretty fresh out of high school and before I transitioned I went to Cosmetology school I wasn’t very confident in my self, my self-esteem was okay nothing special. I wasn’t able to be my authentic self and so I didn’t really enjoy what I was learning there were also parts of the course that didn’t really interest me all that much nor was I confident was the hair cutting aspect and the school I went to was in one of the worst areas of downtown Toronto. I did graduate but was told I only needed my license if I wanted to open my own salon which is not true now. I didn’t do anything with the diploma and it sat in a box ever since. I also took makeup artistry but at that time it was a three month course and though I loved it. Finding work was difficult and again that certificate has sat in a box ever since. I did try to look into getting my old name replaced with my new name but the school wants $100 bucks per paper which I think is stupid.

But it would be pointless at this rate because I’d need to re learn everything anyways. So my new work goal is to go back into hair school re learn everything. Hopefully somethings will come back to me. And because I’m now living and being my true self I think I’d enjoy everything even more so now. Also my end goal is to work with wigs in a wig salon possibly to help woman who are going through cancer and or hair loss of the many different types that are out there. After being personally affected by cancer in my family.

Also with going back into beauty school I’ll most likely get work as a hair stylist because everyone needs their hair done or wig styled so it’s a win win. And I do love wearing faux hair so it’s right up my ally. My favorite things when I went to beauty school the first time was hair color, updos n braiding. I was also a model for one of the hair shows where I wore 5 feet platforms yes you read that right lol. And I entered a bob hair cut into another hair show. There were aspects of school I hated which were roller sets and pincurls but I think this time around because I’m living as my true self I would have more appreciation for the different hair styles and things you learn and hey wouldn’t it be cool if some of the things I disliked I end up really enjoying. Like pin curls and who knows maybe those things I learned would come back and I could be quite good at them this time around. Hair styling is a form of art and I’m artistic so it’s a win win really!.

And if I can make someone feel amazing with the results of what I give them then that really is the best feeling. Because I know when I go to a hair salon and get my hair done from whatever service, I always feel like a million bucks afterwards. So this is my new work goal plan. And honestly I’m not super book smart but I am artsy so it’s a fitting fit I think.

Of course I need to do some more research on both schools and what not but that is my plan.

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