Staying Blonde!

imageI love being blonde even if most of it’s not all mine lol. Yes sure I could rock a wig that’s blonde, which wigs will always be something I will enjoy of any Color and style but right now I don’t feel like going back to any form of dark.

Lets keep it real my go to boxed dye works for my hair the outcome is always great and I’ve never had a real major problem with Belle hair dye for going blonde. It lifts my hair to the Color I like.

If I were to go back to the dark side no doubt it would be a few trips to the salon. Because I would have to deposit the different tones such as red to go back to brown. And quite honestly I look at my blonde hair and I just love it. Box dye wins again, I just bought two boxes of the same Color I had reviewed last time of the Belle Color 110 Extra Light Natural Blonde.  I bought two boxes this time around, I’m only doing my roots but want to make sure there are no missing areas.

Also to really have super healthy hair is not to dye it at all but then again once hair has grown out of the scalp it’s dead anyways so really it’s all a mind fuck lol. Any who don’t blondes have more fun anyways lol. Plus I feel closer to Marilyn Monroe she started out as a brunette then went blonde and heck she was platinum. Ah haha anywho I’m staying blonde for a while.

Over & Out


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