Diva’s Fur Is Back & Better Than Ever


I’m thrilled to say that Diva’s fur is back, it’s fluffy and soft and it’s back full force and just in time for summer weather, when it decides to come. She no longer will need to wear doggy t-shirts or fall sweaters. Though when it rains I’ll still throw on rubber booties because of street dirt and a rain jacket because she hates the rain unless it’s in my parents back yard then she couldn’t care.

Her tail is almost all back and fluffy.I figure another month and it will be back to the way it was. She finally looks normal again. I regret having the groomer give her that hair cut. Though she looked cute boy did it ever fuck up her coat. I’m just so thankful it grew back. I wish I just had her back legs trimmed down like they should have been. You live and you learn right.

I’ll be putting the majority of her dog attire in a box and will store it away. For possibly the next pooch I get down the road. Though who knows if it will be a small dog or a bigger dog at that point.

I had someone in my building tell me “Wow your dog needs a hair cut” I responded back saying “Oh hell no!”. They hadn’t seen her for a while with her fur grown back. And last year I had told a bunch of people she had dog alopecia which was true and that’s why she was wearing dog clothing. I’m just glad it was post clipping alopecia and not the other kind where it never grows back.

The following information below was taken from Here

(Post-clipping alopecia is likely to be due to clipping of hair when all the hairs are synchronised in the telogen phase and it usually resolves following subsequent growth phases.)

So if you ever have a dog that has a double coat like a Chiranian or Pom or Pomchi leave the coat alone. Or you risk fucking it up for good. I’m just glad her coat is back and she’s looking like her self again.



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