Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat

So now that diva has her fur coat back I thought it would be good to get her something that would help cool her down. Last year I would use a microfibre cloth and soak it in cold water and wrap it around her neck but it wasn’t amazing. So I went to google and found this cooling mat. Then I checked Petsmart and low and behold they had one.

I paid $22.00 it was the last one on the shelf the day I picked it up. It’s an As Seen On Tv and yet I’d never seen it before. It does such a nice job cooling her down that I might just lay on when she’s not using it lol.

There is no refrigeration or freezing required. You don’t add water to it. The dog just lays on it and it begins to cool down. After about 3 hours it needs to get recharged and all you have to do is move the dog off of it for 15 minutes and then it’s back up and running. Also for easy cleaning just wipe with a cloth.

What I love about it is that you can put it any where the floor, sofa or even your bed. Or bring it with you in the car or on a walk. I have put it on the floor the sofa and the bed. At first Diva wasn’t sure about it. But she’s gotten better about it. And she gets cooled down faster.




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