Nine West Gold Mana Heels Part 2

imageO.M.G. These are probably the prettiest sandals I’ve ever owned. I went down to LTS today to pick them up. I was able to try them on before leaving the store with them. I ordered them in a size 11 and glad I did because if they were a 12 they wouldn’t look right. So I’m smart on that one lol.

They fit like a glove. The gold is not super crazy and some photos online they look like they sparkle but I assure you they don’t. They are super classy in my opinion and anyone who is thinking of getting these shoes should. The website says the heel is a 3inch but the sales lady at the shop measured them at a 4inch so who knows but what I do know is I’m loving them and they will be a great going out to dinner shoe. And yes surprisingly I can walk in them.

See video below

Also Nine West has lower kitten heels and Long Tall Sally does carry them as well. I did try on a pair and honestly did nothing for my feet in fact they were quite ugly on my foot and I’m not just saying that. Because I had thought about getting a lower heel before I had bought these gold ones. Anywho I’m extremely satisfied with these shoes and I know I’ll get some good use out of them this summer.

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