The Bathroom BullShit!

That’s what I’m calling this post. It’s been on the news and written on people’s blogs and in news papers and everywhere. People have been bugged and spoke about and talked about and  harassed and it really has become a huge thing.

I my self experienced a little of this many years ago before it ever became a problem in recent months.

I was at a train station in Toronto. I remember it was early in the morning and I had gone to use the women’s bathroom and upon leaving the bathroom (note nobody was in the bathroom when I used it I was the only one in it) when I walked out there were two  security officers who approached me. They asked if I had the full sex confirmation surgery to which I said yes.

They then asked me for my paper work and ID. I said I’m sorry but I don’t have it on me. They asked where I lived I told them the area (Pickering) and that I was in Toronto visiting friends. They were fine with that but basically told me to carry my ID and paperwork on me from now on I agreed and went on my way. It was early on in my transition that this happened to me.

But I’m thankful I have never had any other problems since then. If anything I’ve heard people say wow she’s tall but nothing related to me not being female or trans for that matter. To which I’m extremely thankful for. Here’s the thing when I go to the bathroom I do my business as does anyone. I wash my hands do a once over at my self in the mirror and then leave.

Its amazing that people are now picking on trans people. First it was whites than Indians then Chinese than Jews then it was blacks and on to gays and lesbians and bisexuals and now it’s the trans community’s turn. Seriously people get a Hobby! And stop picking on people. Also guess what bathroom has been trans friendly? Construction outdoor porter pottys, every sex uses them. Out door concerts, Outdoor events,Gay Pride, Construction sites and I’m sure many other things.

Anyways I think it’s just crazy that in this day and age people are afraid of what they don’t know and so when they are afraid they want everyone to be, when they could just learn trans people are people too and they just want to pee or take a crap like everyone else and that we don’t care about hurting someone in a fucking bathroom. Also a Predator can barge into a bathroom any time they want and attack their prey at any given time. Using trans as a way to make people afraid is retarted. And now people in the media are making it pretty bad for trans people so thanks.

And with that I want to leave something here. I had originally posted this over on my Facebook but I thought I’d post it with this. A little while ago I was out shopping with my mother at a pretty large grocery store. I had to use the bathroom. I asked someone where it was and headed over. The women’s bathroom said it was occupied which means it was a single bathroom. I looked to the men’s and it was available (I haven’t used a men’s bathroom in well over 15 years) I walked in it was also a single bathroom it stunk it was nasty and I did my business and went to leave. As soon as I opened the door I noticed a woman standing waiting for the women’s bathroom. We locked eyes her face had a surprise look on it. And I simply said with a big fat smile “When You Gotta Go – You Gotta Go” we both laughed and then she went in after me.

If I didn’t have to go so bad I would have waited and used the woman’s bathroom but with that and with what has been happening lately with this bathroom nonsense it was fitting in a way. I won’t post anything more relating to the bathroom bullshit. I just wish the people who started all of this crap put their efforts into oh I don’t know stopping Isis or putting their time and energy into more important things. I’m just saying!!!!.


2 thoughts on “The Bathroom BullShit!

  1. The whole thing is ridiculous. I am sick of ignorant people continuing to claim – in spite of the LOADS of statistics on the subject – that trans people are the perverts here. The biggest perpetrator against children is straight, white, grown-ass men!!! Make every damn bathroom in the world unisex and tell all the bigots to just go crap themselves!!!

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