Clover Came & Clover Went!

So I had downloaded Clover sadly it didn’t last long I stayed for about a week or so. It wasn’t the app for me. I spoke to two main people. One I still speak to from time to time and this other guy who was a Leo. If guys are a Leo I don’t mesh well with them I never have. Anyways we had spoken about meeting but of course that was bs and haven’t spoke since.

Maybe it’s me or my minds set but that whole world is sorta not on my brain these days. I don’t want to say it’s that Americans fault but I just don’t really care about meeting people off-line these days. Don’t get me wrong I do want to meet new people. Its more so organically like out and about like how people used to meet instead of using apps. I have reinstated my account on another website key word website not app  but again not sure how long I will stay on it or the one where I met Mr American. I might just leave the online world when it comes to meeting people completely or I may just leave my two ads up since it’s not costing me a dime to do so.

On the positive side of things though I have a date set up for when I’m in Toronto with Mr 6’5 bachelor so I’m excited about that. We still keep in touch which is nice. What I have learned this month before going into June is, I don’t need to be on the dating apps like I was last year. And in fact I also don’t need a man for pleasure though there has been times where it has been nice those have been spread out and not as fulfilling as I later felt. However saying that I do still have to say that Russian Prince I was with was amazing sex lmao.

Moving forward ive learned to go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason and when the time is right I’ll meet the guy for me. I’m just not going to try as hard as I have in the past and when it happens it happens.

Over & Out


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