Nair Shower Power Hair Removal

So I recently bought this product. I haven’t used Nair in years and the stuff I had used when I was a teen stunk to high heavens of rotten eggs. And you still had to shave after.

imageThis stuff works in under ten minutes in fact its recommended not to use longer than ten minutes. And you should wait about a minute before going into the shower. It does come with an applicator sponge that’s double-sided.

The flat side is to put the Nair onto and spread it over the area you want. But do not rub it into the skin. The bumpy side of the sponge is to move it around on Circular motions after it’s been in the skin for a few minutes to remove the hair under warm water.

The sponge is soft. And it’s great that it comes with the sponge. No more face cloth getting messed up with leg hair. Or body hair for that matter. There isn’t much of a smell to be honest. I have used this twice now and though I found it to remove a lot off the hair I still shaved afterwards. I was due for a full leg shave anyways. And really just focused this product on my upper thighs.

You can’t use this on every single part of your body and the back of the bottle does tell you where you can and can’t use it. Always make sure to read the directions before use.

Happy Nair’ing


Cell Phone Cases & Hair Trims

Today was busy, first I had to go to my doctors to get this mark checked on my leg but before doing that I stopped in at the mall to kill some time. I’ve been looking for a shrug for the summer time. Something light and to my luck I found one. It’s white plain nothing amazing but will do the trick.

Then I went to this case shop. They sell cases for tablets, cell phones and all of that. Sadly the plastic Marilyn Monroe case that I had bought a few years ago maybe was way past it’s good date. Because two days ago it just practically disintegrated first there was a huge crack which of course came off the case. And then again on the other side. Sucks I wasn’t even able to really use it.

imageWell I found a case for now it’s cute it’s pretty and pink and even better it sparkles lol. It’s a sorta softer plastic material. Easy to take off of my phone and there is a sparkly backing that I can easily remove if I so choose too and just let the back of the phone show through the clear plastic. My plan is to get a Otterbox case for it. But for now this cute sparkly case will do.

I then went to where I get my hair trimmed and booked an appointment for after my doctors. Went to my doctors got the mark checked apparently it’s like spider vains and not to worry about it. Went back to the mall and went to my hair appointment. For a simple trim, no wash, no water no nothing but a dry trim it cost me $28.00. How does that workout I have no idea but he did what I asked. He was amazed with how long my hair had grown as well how thick it is.

imageWhen I left the house this morning it was very humid because it had rained. The day before I had put beach spray into it. Then slept on it and went out this morning. Talk about big hair today lol. But I got home after and washed my hair and he did an  excellent job cutting it dry. I’ve never had my hair cut dry before. The photo on the right is now still air drying.

I won’t go back now till September or October now. He also trimmed up this piece that was growing out from last time but it  desperately needed some cleaner ends because it feels dry. He just never did it last time because it needed to catch up from what he had said last time. It was a layer that needed some growing.

Also I’ve decided not to go back to the dark side ever. grey hair doesn’t show as much in blonde as it does in dark. And funny thing my date from this past weekend thought I was naturally a blonde lol. Anywho my hair feels much better now that those ends are gone. Yay for hair trims. Plus in a month I won’t even notice that it’s been trimmed lol.

Over & Out

Pretty Good First & Second Date

imageI have been chatting with this fellow for a few weeks now on one of the websites I’m on. We then switched to texting and phone calls. He’s been traveling all around for business and had some in Montreal as well Ottawa. I’ve been hush hush about it and didn’t want to share and till we had our first date which was last night. I met him at his hotel downtown.

The front desk I think maybe thought I was a lady of the night. Because while I was talking to my date on the phone I was asking if I could go to his room. He’s looking at me like mmhm, so my date tells me “put him on if need be”. The front desk guy asks what his name is and looked him up on file. So then I tell the guy “Look I’m talking to him on the phone would you like to speak with him”? The front desk dude then asks “So he’s in his room”? It’s like duh.

Anywho after that he let me in. I went to my dates door knocked and he let me in. We chatted for a few moments and hugged a few times and then went out. We went to a pub that was across the street. He ate because he hadn’t eaten since the afternoon and I watched as I drank a Long Island ice tea lol. Conversation flowed easily and it went really smoothly like we have known each other a while. It’s really interesting to watch a guy eat when your attracted to them. The things you think of lol (smirk).

It went really well and then after that he drove me back to my parents place. We had spoken about having a second date today being Friday. Before he leaves tomorrow Saturday.

Second date:

imageHe asked if I wouldn’t mind meeting him down at his hotel again. I said sure I didn’t mind. I ended up doing my hair earlier so I didn’t have to rush. Did my makeup a little more lighter this time and put a few light curls in my hair. I wore one of my favorite summer dresses mainly because I don’t have to wear a bra and it was damn hot out.

I ended up leaving earlier because of the buses and how they run at odd times. And I had to walk a few blocks to catch the bus. But my hair still stayed fabulous which was great. So I ended up going to a gay pub before his hotel and having a beer to kill some time because I got downtown earlier then I thought I would.

After that I headed to his hotel. I told the new front desk guy my dates room number and name and he’s like we have no one here by that name. Say What!!! I tell him check the paper filing so he does and he’s like nope. He shows me who they have on file the one name I recognized but the other I didn’t. I call my date up and tell him what’s going on. Then I tell him to speak to the front desk guy on speaker phone. And my date almost rips the guy a new one and tells him they messed up his name and this isint the first time.

imageSo side note my date is a distributer of fine eyewear. If you’re a fan a eyeglasses more so the frames then you might have heard of Germano Gambini Italian Eyewear. So after the front desk cramp was delt with they let me go in. I head up to my dates door but before leaving to go to dinner I get to try on a bunch of frames. We ended up picking these gorgeous bright pink cat eye frames which are the I Leggeri Mod.GG35 These frames are super light weight.

imageThey totally remind me of Marylin Monroe as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. He ended up fitting them to me and gifting me the frames. Also take note these frames are not cheap by any means.

Anywho we went to dinner though whatever was in my wrap like the sauce with every bite I felt like my stomach turned it wasn’t agreeing with me and so I ate what I could as well the salad. He finished eating we had a few drinks talked a lot. And then left there and went to the pub where I had first went to before meeting him. I showed him the gay pub I go to from time to time, we had a drink there and chatted. And then he drove me back to my parents place. Super nice guy, good-looking. Totally my type and we spoke about keeping in touch.

Hes moving back to Toronto in the fall, though sadly he won’t be in Toronto when I visit in August. Other wise I know I would see him for sure. On the plus side of things he will be closer if he moves back there. I had a really good time. And I’m glad to of met him.

Over & Out

COVERGIRL’s Super Sizer Fibers Mascara

imageI recently bought this mascara and have been in love with it ever since. I had read another bloggers experience with it and she was not a fan which is fine but she didn’t include before and after photos of it.

As I was getting ready for my date last night I thought I would snap a couple of photos of one eye with it and one eye with out. So you could clearly see how much definition this mascara gives you. You do need to apply a couple of coats and I find twisting the wand helps. The wand is small and coats every lash perfectly. It’s small enough that it gets even those small hairs.

It clams you get 400% more longer looking lashes and I would have to agree 100%. Also the little fibres are great but nothing crazy and it gives the appearance of false lashes as well. But with out the glue lol. Also it washes off easily with warm water and coconut oil, yup I’m still using it as makeup remover lol.

Now for my personal results in high deff left eye has the mascara right eye does not. Click photo to view larger if you wish.


LBD The Perfect Dress

Recently sorta I had bought a black dress from Old Navy. It’s a tank style very comfy and was a decent price. I had ordered a medium because it said it was a snug fit. But when I got it in the mail it was far from snug. Also it wasn’t very flattering and now will become a bum in the house or sleep in type dress because it’s cotton.

I did try to shrink it but that didn’t do much and if anything I look like a potato sack. Cute Image right ? Lol not.

Anyways while I was out with my mom today, we went to Winners and I found this little gem. Super classy in every way and will have for a long time. It’s perfect for any occasion and it’s also not heavy.


Pretty Pink Bows!

The downside to getting tattoos is that they can be addictive the upside to tattoos are they are addictive lol.

Yesterday I went and saw my tattoo artist. I got some more work done. I ended up with the word breathe but what’s funny is when we started out the word was breath thanks to my mom for pointing out on my instagram video I shared to Facebook calls me up and says “breathe has an e what you have says breath!” Thankfully there was enough room to add in the e to spell breathe lol.

The main reason for that word is for when I’m having an anxiety attack to just breathe. And know things will get better.


I have to say the inner part closest to my wrist did not tickle and in fact was slightly painful. But no pain no gain as they say right?. However this time around he wasn’t thrilled because my skin wasn’t acting properly and it wasn’t accepting the ink as much as my arm did. And so he had to go over spots a few times. But in the end it worked out.

Now you’re wondering what’s with the title of the post about pretty pink bows. Well I did get two pink bows as well. First let me say I’m not a big ring person, I don’t wear a ton of Jewellery as far as rings go. And I thought it would be kinda cute if I had a pink bow on my middle finger. So when I give people the finger to get lost in a not so nice way it’s wrapped in a pretty pink bow.


I’m rather in love with how they turned out. And they look so beautiful. With the added white to make them pop. The Color is like a deep pink which I picked out. I think some knuckle or finger tattoos look bad of just of what people get but again everyone’s taste is different this I know and what I don’t like someone will and vice versa.

I’ll  be honest things were more uncomfortable if I looked away then if I watched it getting done. Also there were spots that my mouth dropped open and I was like eeeeek. But the thing to remember is, it will be over soon and you wanted it so sit through it. I would say some spots are more sensitive than others that’s for sure.

Happy Friday!

Over & Out

The iPhone SE

So I’m not writing this to brag by any means but I do want to share with all of you who might be considering this iPhone model. When I got my antique iPhone 4S I was upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy 551. I had to upgrade my phone right before a trip to Toronto and I at the time signed a two-year contract with my cell provider. I didn’t get much with my plan at the time and it was costing me a pretty penny.

Fast forward three years and again I’m going to be traveling not only to Toronto but also Cali this summer. Now that I’m on my own, my only phone is my cell. And people who don’t own home phones know their cell is their life line. Now get this now that the contract ended and I currently own my iPhone 4S and I have what’s called a loyalty plan. It’s pretty low compared to the two-year contracts. I get basically everything unlimited calling and texting features as well 1GB of data which I never use up. It’s plenty for me.

Now technically I could have upgraded and got this phone for $0 but I would have had to sign another two-year contract not get all the features I currently get and have to pay $80 a month. Also for extended warranty they would then add-on $10. When buying this phone from Apple directly  I get extended warranty for $129.00 that’s an extra year. I own the phone outright and I get to keep my month to month plan.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday. I went to Apple bought the Newest model iPhone SE because it was cheaper than the iPhone 6S. I bought it in the 16GB which is plenty big for me and hell if it’s just going to have to be replaced in three years why get a 64GB?. I got mine in rose gold which is basically pink.

imageI have all the apps that I need on it. I have all my music way more than my old phone had and I still have a little more than half available left over. It takes crystal clear photos. It takes 4K video as well time-laps and get this slow-mo video.

I’ve been wanting a new camera imagefor a while and let’s face it we use our phones for almost everything these days especially taking photos.

The flower photo is from my parents garden and then brighter using the photo filter on Facebook. And my selfie was edited using Pixlr for iPhone. Skin smoothing and removing fine lines lol. But it’s super clear and if I had used my iPhone 4S it would be grainy. Amazing how far technology has come in three years.

I don’t overly care about taking video in 4K It really makes no difference to me but it might to some I suppose. Here’s a video of my parents dog in slow-mo click video to play

It didn’t take long for me to set up the phone and thanks to Apple ID as well iCloud everything was updated including photos contacts and re downloading music. Also Apple Pay is also very cool as well Touch ID and Hey Siri. Also if you liked the iPhone 5 it being smaller than the iPhone 6 then you will like this size. It’s thin it’s easy to use with one hand. And your iPhone case for the 5 will fit the iPhone SE. I bought a case like a few years ago thinking I’d get a 5 and then didn’t but I kept the case. So now I’ll be able to use it. Which will be awesome one less case I have to buy.

Also it fits beautifully in my Coach wristlet that my mother got me a few years ago. I use it when ever I don’t want a purse or if dressed up going out. Anyways I plan to get a screen protector for sure and maybe a case like an otter box case as well. Any who I’m glad to have been able to buy the phone out right I’m just sad that my iPhone 4S died when it did damn you technology and not lasting longer than 3 years.

Bright side now I can stay connected!

Three Years & Your IPhone Will Need To Be Replaced!

After about three years your iPhone will need to be replaced this coming from Apple. And about 4 years for MacBooks. When up grading your cell phone if you are an Apple user and lover and like their products as I do then going forward in getting the phone with the most space is pointless in the sense of if you have to replace the phone in about three years anyways getting that phone with a much bigger space capacity.

That’s what I was going to do get a new iPhone of 64GB but if iPhones only last three years there’s no point in getting a big phone. So now my plan is to get the iPhone SE in the 16GB. Some people may think the 16GB is not a ton of room but when your coming from and gotten used to an 8GB phone 16GB will seem like a shit ton. I’ve learned to only have the most important apps on my iPhone and others on my iPad.

I am excited about getting a new camera. I do love to take photos of my dog and when I’m out and about. Some photos I’d take of my self would turn out okay but not as amazing as my iPads camera. And since I’m traveling this summer it would be nice to take some awesome photos. And I’m sure as hell not bringing my iPad with me every where.

I just kinda wish my antique iPhone 4s lasted a while longer. I won’t be getting rid of it after I buy my new phone. I’ll keep it of course and probably use it as an iPod and store more music on it and still use a few of the apps. I’m not getting rid of it since I’ll still use it for things.

Anywho the newest IPhone SE is cheaper in price then the iPhone 6S it’s packed with a ton of great things and it’s not super huge which is what I like about it. It still looks like a cell phone which I like. The only thing I hate though is that I have to get a new cell phone. You become attached to your phone when it’s your only life-line.

Such is life!

Hello Technology, Why Can’t You Be More Affordable?

Yesterday I was using my very old and outdated iPhone 4S, I had three calls and all three calls I was told that I was cutting in and out. I typically use my headset to make calls and it’s been forever since I had used the phone up to my ear.

I called my service provider this morning and they told me that the microphone isn’t working anymore and that I should bring my phone into one of the centres, they will look at it and either fix the problem or I’ll have to get a new phone. I got my IPhone 4S in the summer of 2013. Yup my phone is so old that it’s probably considered an antique!.

Now my little phone also has about an 8g of space. Yup it doesn’t hold many photos or music for that matter. And forget long videos and as for apps I only keep the most important ones on my phone.

Now my contract is over so now I have a loyalty plan which I pay month to month and own the phone out right. With my current plan I have 1g of data, unlimited calling and texting features and they don’t even offer half of what I get with any plan they have now. I could upgrade but then id lose my current plan and id be stuck in a high two-year contract of $80 a month.

If I buy a new iPhone from either Apple or my cell provider I own the phone outright and I keep my current amazing month to month plan. I’m just not sure if my service provider offers the really good technical coverage and  accidental damage coverage as Apple when you buy the phone outright. That I will have to look into. I am however wanting a new camera since a lot of the photos I take with my current phone sometimes come out grainy and not as clear as I’d like. And I know when I upgrade to a new phone that will change.

Why can’t cell phones last a long time?

My Quest To Long Hair, My Never Ending Journey!

So it may never end which is fine but what has ended is me buying clip-in extensions online. I ordered from a company I will not mention only because I’m sure some or many people liked what they got. But the extensions I bought are to light in Color and I can’t return them because I’ve already washed them. Like the Soprano extensions I bought in a shop these had a coating on them to make them super shiny and smooth so smooth that they didn’t blend with my hair and till after I washed and dried them. Oh by the way this new set they don’t fully blend with my hair because of the length and the under part of my hair is darker than on top. I’ll keep them of course and when I decide to go darker I’ll just Color them.

Also I find they are extremely heavy, not sure why I thought quad wefts would be lighter because they are so not light.

Since my hair has grown out I’ve been obsessed with it! That might be an understatement because every so often I obsess about the different methods of more permanent hair extensions the ones you don’t un-clip. I’ve probably researched every kind out there, from tape-ins to hot and cold fusions to keratin bonds, Great Lengths and every kind in-between which I just named mostly all of them can’t forget sew in weaves too.

Ive also looked at the different price points of almost all of them. As well watched a few 100 videos over on YouTube. I’d like to just wake up and not have to clip anything into my hair or throw a wig on over top of my hair. It’s like when I did’t have hair I obsessed over what wigs to get and now that I have decent length of hair I’m obsessed over having it longer and by extensions & hair pieces.

I know I’m not alone with my hair obsession. Only because hair extension company’s and salons are making a killing in women’s quest to long hair. You can go in to most salons and leave the same day with longer thicker hair and even added in high lights or low lights without any major damage to your own hair.

Of course with any kind of hair service such as extensions there is maintenance  with how to brush them to washing and styling. Some forms of extensions can last from a few hours such as clip-ins to longer periods such as 3 to 6 months by bonded ones.

But thanks to my father because we had a chat last night and he was my voice of reason. Basically said if I want long hair to just rock a wig they are more costs effective and really, I don’t have the money to upkeep hair extensions. In the amount of time you can leave permanent extensions in your hair. My hair will be just as long in three to 6 months anyways. If I can find a wig that is similar in hair Color to mine and longer in length and good quality synthetic then it will just look like I have extensions.

The joys in having a long hair obsession!