An Afternoon Date


Yesterday I went on an afternoon date. We walked over to the theatre because it was nice out. We picked up snacks at Walmart because it’s way cheaper than theatre snacks. We got the tickets online so all we had to do was print them at the theatre. We also went to the first afternoon showing so there was hardly anyone there. We went and saw X-Men: Apocalypse in 3D. We laughed at moments of the movie and almost cried in some. Oh I guess I should tell you who I went with. Well I went with non other than Me My Self & I.

That’s right I took my self on an afternoon date. If you have never gone to the movies by your self well you should. It’s extremely relaxing. In fact I like going by my self more so then with a guy. Also when I left I went to a shop to look for an oil air diffuser which I managed to buy but not without first seeing a metal letter L. So I bought that as well. Then I walked back home. In my new sporty and super pink running shoes. And my Marilyn Monroe top which was fitting because yesterday would have been her 90th birthday. The cashier at Walmart complimented me on it.

Anyways there’s something special about going to the movies by your self. I just find it very relaxing. It’s also great that the first showing typically is at 12:30pm. I think there might have been like 6 people including me in theatre which was awesome.

So there you have it.


4 thoughts on “An Afternoon Date

  1. I used to love going to the movies by myself during the middle of a workday when very few other peple were around! Where I lived at the time there was a huge theater about 10 minutes away, and I’d just drive up there all the time without even knowing what I was going to watch, I should start doing that again!

    1. I pre buy my tickets before going so I know how much time I have to get there. But yea it’s very relaxing almost like I have the theatre to my self.

  2. It is really relaxing going by yourself. I haven’t done this in over a year or so, but sometimes I would just take a day off from work and have a “me day” and do things like go to the movies.
    When I travel for work, I really enjoy eating dinner/lunch alone too. Sometimes it’s nice not to have a forced conversation with someone and just enjoy your food.

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