Meeting People More Organically 

imageWell today was just a weird day but it didn’t start out that way. I had a great makeup and hair day. Went to my last therapy session with my shrink. He’s retiring later this month mainly because his prostate cancer came back and spread to his bones, so sadly the cancer bug bit him and he won’t be getting better. Anyways it was a weird session because it was short and honestly I really didn’t have much to say but I did say I’m wanting to meet people more so in public than online.

Okay so I’m on the bus it pulled into the mall sorta near my house. This guy gets on and starts talking to me about the mall being evacuated from a fire. That was all fine and all and then this young black guy complements me on my tattoo. We start chatted and he’s like can I sit next to you so I said sure, he was cute and talking is cool. We exchange names and keep talking as the bus pulls away. So we keep chatting about whatever and he’s like where you going. I told him I was heading to my apartment because I was getting mail and checking on the balcony repairs.

The flirting is totally happening and we exchange names and numbers as this is going on he gets off the bus where I get off and he’s like I don’t have to go to work yet. Let me walk you home. Again totally random but I agreed. As we are walking and talking I’m like so how old are you and he’s like 22! Holy crap one of my girlfriends would have been thrilled because she likes young guys. Anyways I tell him I’m way older than that. He’s like how old are you?, I say lets say I’m around 30 he’s like no really. So I tell him and he’s like I wouldn’t care if you were 40 the way you look!. Can we say ego booster lol score!!!.

He waited for me in the lobby as I got my mail and I went to my apartment by my self. Came back down and I told him I’m catching a bus back to my parents. As we walk towards the bus stop he’s like you have something on your cheek then kisses it. He’s like what would you do if I kissed you. Honestly I was surprised so I just smiled.
We get to the bus stop and he full on kisses me, yup locked lips with tongue. I was surprised and amazed all at the same time. As were on the bus he’s telling me how I should have invited him up so we could have fooled around and i tell him look just cause I white doesn’t mean I’m a slut then I laughed as did he then came back with I didn’t say you were but maybe half way ah haha. Any who we ended up kissing again and then he ended up getting aroused which you could clearly see in his pants lord he was packaging some serious package lmao.

Anyways he’s like maybe we could do something tomorrow if your not busy. I said maybe then it was coming up to his stop. He tells me if I call you or text will you pick up and I said ya sure. He got off the bus and that was that. I then texted my girlfriend in Toronto and told her what had happened. I then said to her he doesn’t know I’m trans. I figured that out when he referenced something and I just went with it. She told me to tell him over text.

It went like this

(Hey, so um I have something to tell you. I wasn’t going to mention it this soon but things kind of escalated rather quickly. I’m not your typical chick.)

His responce

(What dose that mean)


(I’m transsexual )


(Actually, Wtf actually)


(Well it’s true. Anyways you can lose my number if you want.)

Anyways I haven’t received a response and I highly doubt I will. Honestly things like that don’t typically happen to me and quite honestly I thought he figured it out. I typically don’t talk to guys on the bus but have always wanted too lol. You know the summer when good-looking people are everywhere. I just went with it. I knew he didn’t know that I was trans when we got on the bus leaving and he spoke about wanting to (eat me out) classy right? NOT! Anyways it turns out not everyone figures it out which can be a blessing as well a curse.

Disclaimer: I don’t go around kissing random people and what happened today never happens to me typically everything happened so fast. Anyways just totally random and that’s my crazy afternoon story.


2 thoughts on “Meeting People More Organically 

  1. This is cute! I’m glad you had a pleasant encounter, I was getting concerned that he was going to stalk you lol x

    1. I kept insisting on him not walking me to my apartment for that very reason. But he doesn’t know my floor or apartment number so I wasn’t worried. And since he never responded back after my last text I highly doubt I’ll be hearing from him. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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