My Quest To Long Hair, My Never Ending Journey!

So it may never end which is fine but what has ended is me buying clip-in extensions online. I ordered from a company I will not mention only because I’m sure some or many people liked what they got. But the extensions I bought are to light in Color and I can’t return them because I’ve already washed them. Like the Soprano extensions I bought in a shop these had a coating on them to make them super shiny and smooth so smooth that they didn’t blend with my hair and till after I washed and dried them. Oh by the way this new set they don’t fully blend with my hair because of the length and the under part of my hair is darker than on top. I’ll keep them of course and when I decide to go darker I’ll just Color them.

Also I find they are extremely heavy, not sure why I thought quad wefts would be lighter because they are so not light.

Since my hair has grown out I’ve been obsessed with it! That might be an understatement because every so often I obsess about the different methods of more permanent hair extensions the ones you don’t un-clip. I’ve probably researched every kind out there, from tape-ins to hot and cold fusions to keratin bonds, Great Lengths and every kind in-between which I just named mostly all of them can’t forget sew in weaves too.

Ive also looked at the different price points of almost all of them. As well watched a few 100 videos over on YouTube. I’d like to just wake up and not have to clip anything into my hair or throw a wig on over top of my hair. It’s like when I did’t have hair I obsessed over what wigs to get and now that I have decent length of hair I’m obsessed over having it longer and by extensions & hair pieces.

I know I’m not alone with my hair obsession. Only because hair extension company’s and salons are making a killing in women’s quest to long hair. You can go in to most salons and leave the same day with longer thicker hair and even added in high lights or low lights without any major damage to your own hair.

Of course with any kind of hair service such as extensions there is maintenance  with how to brush them to washing and styling. Some forms of extensions can last from a few hours such as clip-ins to longer periods such as 3 to 6 months by bonded ones.

But thanks to my father because we had a chat last night and he was my voice of reason. Basically said if I want long hair to just rock a wig they are more costs effective and really, I don’t have the money to upkeep hair extensions. In the amount of time you can leave permanent extensions in your hair. My hair will be just as long in three to 6 months anyways. If I can find a wig that is similar in hair Color to mine and longer in length and good quality synthetic then it will just look like I have extensions.

The joys in having a long hair obsession!


One thought on “My Quest To Long Hair, My Never Ending Journey!

  1. I have always wanted to try extensions but the cost is insane for the salon ones. But my bio hair finally is below my shoulders so I feel I am finally getting my length to where I want it. I agree the expense and upkeep for extensions are too much. And buying them online it’s so hard to match the color.

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