Three Years & Your IPhone Will Need To Be Replaced!

After about three years your iPhone will need to be replaced this coming from Apple. And about 4 years for MacBooks. When up grading your cell phone if you are an Apple user and lover and like their products as I do then going forward in getting the phone with the most space is pointless in the sense of if you have to replace the phone in about three years anyways getting that phone with a much bigger space capacity.

That’s what I was going to do get a new iPhone of 64GB but if iPhones only last three years there’s no point in getting a big phone. So now my plan is to get the iPhone SE in the 16GB. Some people may think the 16GB is not a ton of room but when your coming from and gotten used to an 8GB phone 16GB will seem like a shit ton. I’ve learned to only have the most important apps on my iPhone and others on my iPad.

I am excited about getting a new camera. I do love to take photos of my dog and when I’m out and about. Some photos I’d take of my self would turn out okay but not as amazing as my iPads camera. And since I’m traveling this summer it would be nice to take some awesome photos. And I’m sure as hell not bringing my iPad with me every where.

I just kinda wish my antique iPhone 4s lasted a while longer. I won’t be getting rid of it after I buy my new phone. I’ll keep it of course and probably use it as an iPod and store more music on it and still use a few of the apps. I’m not getting rid of it since I’ll still use it for things.

Anywho the newest IPhone SE is cheaper in price then the iPhone 6S it’s packed with a ton of great things and it’s not super huge which is what I like about it. It still looks like a cell phone which I like. The only thing I hate though is that I have to get a new cell phone. You become attached to your phone when it’s your only life-line.

Such is life!


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