The iPhone SE

So I’m not writing this to brag by any means but I do want to share with all of you who might be considering this iPhone model. When I got my antique iPhone 4S I was upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy 551. I had to upgrade my phone right before a trip to Toronto and I at the time signed a two-year contract with my cell provider. I didn’t get much with my plan at the time and it was costing me a pretty penny.

Fast forward three years and again I’m going to be traveling not only to Toronto but also Cali this summer. Now that I’m on my own, my only phone is my cell. And people who don’t own home phones know their cell is their life line. Now get this now that the contract ended and I currently own my iPhone 4S and I have what’s called a loyalty plan. It’s pretty low compared to the two-year contracts. I get basically everything unlimited calling and texting features as well 1GB of data which I never use up. It’s plenty for me.

Now technically I could have upgraded and got this phone for $0 but I would have had to sign another two-year contract not get all the features I currently get and have to pay $80 a month. Also for extended warranty they would then add-on $10. When buying this phone from Apple directly  I get extended warranty for $129.00 that’s an extra year. I own the phone outright and I get to keep my month to month plan.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday. I went to Apple bought the Newest model iPhone SE because it was cheaper than the iPhone 6S. I bought it in the 16GB which is plenty big for me and hell if it’s just going to have to be replaced in three years why get a 64GB?. I got mine in rose gold which is basically pink.

imageI have all the apps that I need on it. I have all my music way more than my old phone had and I still have a little more than half available left over. It takes crystal clear photos. It takes 4K video as well time-laps and get this slow-mo video.

I’ve been wanting a new camera imagefor a while and let’s face it we use our phones for almost everything these days especially taking photos.

The flower photo is from my parents garden and then brighter using the photo filter on Facebook. And my selfie was edited using Pixlr for iPhone. Skin smoothing and removing fine lines lol. But it’s super clear and if I had used my iPhone 4S it would be grainy. Amazing how far technology has come in three years.

I don’t overly care about taking video in 4K It really makes no difference to me but it might to some I suppose. Here’s a video of my parents dog in slow-mo click video to play

It didn’t take long for me to set up the phone and thanks to Apple ID as well iCloud everything was updated including photos contacts and re downloading music. Also Apple Pay is also very cool as well Touch ID and Hey Siri. Also if you liked the iPhone 5 it being smaller than the iPhone 6 then you will like this size. It’s thin it’s easy to use with one hand. And your iPhone case for the 5 will fit the iPhone SE. I bought a case like a few years ago thinking I’d get a 5 and then didn’t but I kept the case. So now I’ll be able to use it. Which will be awesome one less case I have to buy.

Also it fits beautifully in my Coach wristlet that my mother got me a few years ago. I use it when ever I don’t want a purse or if dressed up going out. Anyways I plan to get a screen protector for sure and maybe a case like an otter box case as well. Any who I’m glad to have been able to buy the phone out right I’m just sad that my iPhone 4S died when it did damn you technology and not lasting longer than 3 years.

Bright side now I can stay connected!

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