Pretty Pink Bows!

The downside to getting tattoos is that they can be addictive the upside to tattoos are they are addictive lol.

Yesterday I went and saw my tattoo artist. I got some more work done. I ended up with the word breathe but what’s funny is when we started out the word was breath thanks to my mom for pointing out on my instagram video I shared to Facebook calls me up and says “breathe has an e what you have says breath!” Thankfully there was enough room to add in the e to spell breathe lol.

The main reason for that word is for when I’m having an anxiety attack to just breathe. And know things will get better.


I have to say the inner part closest to my wrist did not tickle and in fact was slightly painful. But no pain no gain as they say right?. However this time around he wasn’t thrilled because my skin wasn’t acting properly and it wasn’t accepting the ink as much as my arm did. And so he had to go over spots a few times. But in the end it worked out.

Now you’re wondering what’s with the title of the post about pretty pink bows. Well I did get two pink bows as well. First let me say I’m not a big ring person, I don’t wear a ton of Jewellery as far as rings go. And I thought it would be kinda cute if I had a pink bow on my middle finger. So when I give people the finger to get lost in a not so nice way it’s wrapped in a pretty pink bow.


I’m rather in love with how they turned out. And they look so beautiful. With the added white to make them pop. The Color is like a deep pink which I picked out. I think some knuckle or finger tattoos look bad of just of what people get but again everyone’s taste is different this I know and what I don’t like someone will and vice versa.

I’ll  be honest things were more uncomfortable if I looked away then if I watched it getting done. Also there were spots that my mouth dropped open and I was like eeeeek. But the thing to remember is, it will be over soon and you wanted it so sit through it. I would say some spots are more sensitive than others that’s for sure.

Happy Friday!

Over & Out


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