Pretty Good First & Second Date

imageI have been chatting with this fellow for a few weeks now on one of the websites I’m on. We then switched to texting and phone calls. He’s been traveling all around for business and had some in Montreal as well Ottawa. I’ve been hush hush about it and didn’t want to share and till we had our first date which was last night. I met him at his hotel downtown.

The front desk I think maybe thought I was a lady of the night. Because while I was talking to my date on the phone I was asking if I could go to his room. He’s looking at me like mmhm, so my date tells me “put him on if need be”. The front desk guy asks what his name is and looked him up on file. So then I tell the guy “Look I’m talking to him on the phone would you like to speak with him”? The front desk dude then asks “So he’s in his room”? It’s like duh.

Anywho after that he let me in. I went to my dates door knocked and he let me in. We chatted for a few moments and hugged a few times and then went out. We went to a pub that was across the street. He ate because he hadn’t eaten since the afternoon and I watched as I drank a Long Island ice tea lol. Conversation flowed easily and it went really smoothly like we have known each other a while. It’s really interesting to watch a guy eat when your attracted to them. The things you think of lol (smirk).

It went really well and then after that he drove me back to my parents place. We had spoken about having a second date today being Friday. Before he leaves tomorrow Saturday.

Second date:

imageHe asked if I wouldn’t mind meeting him down at his hotel again. I said sure I didn’t mind. I ended up doing my hair earlier so I didn’t have to rush. Did my makeup a little more lighter this time and put a few light curls in my hair. I wore one of my favorite summer dresses mainly because I don’t have to wear a bra and it was damn hot out.

I ended up leaving earlier because of the buses and how they run at odd times. And I had to walk a few blocks to catch the bus. But my hair still stayed fabulous which was great. So I ended up going to a gay pub before his hotel and having a beer to kill some time because I got downtown earlier then I thought I would.

After that I headed to his hotel. I told the new front desk guy my dates room number and name and he’s like we have no one here by that name. Say What!!! I tell him check the paper filing so he does and he’s like nope. He shows me who they have on file the one name I recognized but the other I didn’t. I call my date up and tell him what’s going on. Then I tell him to speak to the front desk guy on speaker phone. And my date almost rips the guy a new one and tells him they messed up his name and this isint the first time.

imageSo side note my date is a distributer of fine eyewear. If you’re a fan a eyeglasses more so the frames then you might have heard of Germano Gambini Italian Eyewear. So after the front desk cramp was delt with they let me go in. I head up to my dates door but before leaving to go to dinner I get to try on a bunch of frames. We ended up picking these gorgeous bright pink cat eye frames which are the I Leggeri Mod.GG35 These frames are super light weight.

imageThey totally remind me of Marylin Monroe as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. He ended up fitting them to me and gifting me the frames. Also take note these frames are not cheap by any means.

Anywho we went to dinner though whatever was in my wrap like the sauce with every bite I felt like my stomach turned it wasn’t agreeing with me and so I ate what I could as well the salad. He finished eating we had a few drinks talked a lot. And then left there and went to the pub where I had first went to before meeting him. I showed him the gay pub I go to from time to time, we had a drink there and chatted. And then he drove me back to my parents place. Super nice guy, good-looking. Totally my type and we spoke about keeping in touch.

Hes moving back to Toronto in the fall, though sadly he won’t be in Toronto when I visit in August. Other wise I know I would see him for sure. On the plus side of things he will be closer if he moves back there. I had a really good time. And I’m glad to of met him.

Over & Out

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