Cell Phone Cases & Hair Trims

Today was busy, first I had to go to my doctors to get this mark checked on my leg but before doing that I stopped in at the mall to kill some time. I’ve been looking for a shrug for the summer time. Something light and to my luck I found one. It’s white plain nothing amazing but will do the trick.

Then I went to this case shop. They sell cases for tablets, cell phones and all of that. Sadly the plastic Marilyn Monroe case that I had bought a few years ago maybe was way past it’s good date. Because two days ago it just practically disintegrated first there was a huge crack which of course came off the case. And then again on the other side. Sucks I wasn’t even able to really use it.

imageWell I found a case for now it’s cute it’s pretty and pink and even better it sparkles lol. It’s a sorta softer plastic material. Easy to take off of my phone and there is a sparkly backing that I can easily remove if I so choose too and just let the back of the phone show through the clear plastic. My plan is to get a Otterbox case for it. But for now this cute sparkly case will do.

I then went to where I get my hair trimmed and booked an appointment for after my doctors. Went to my doctors got the mark checked apparently it’s like spider vains and not to worry about it. Went back to the mall and went to my hair appointment. For a simple trim, no wash, no water no nothing but a dry trim it cost me $28.00. How does that workout I have no idea but he did what I asked. He was amazed with how long my hair had grown as well how thick it is.

imageWhen I left the house this morning it was very humid because it had rained. The day before I had put beach spray into it. Then slept on it and went out this morning. Talk about big hair today lol. But I got home after and washed my hair and he did an  excellent job cutting it dry. I’ve never had my hair cut dry before. The photo on the right is now still air drying.

I won’t go back now till September or October now. He also trimmed up this piece that was growing out from last time but it  desperately needed some cleaner ends because it feels dry. He just never did it last time because it needed to catch up from what he had said last time. It was a layer that needed some growing.

Also I’ve decided not to go back to the dark side ever. grey hair doesn’t show as much in blonde as it does in dark. And funny thing my date from this past weekend thought I was naturally a blonde lol. Anywho my hair feels much better now that those ends are gone. Yay for hair trims. Plus in a month I won’t even notice that it’s been trimmed lol.

Over & Out


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