Nair Shower Power Hair Removal

So I recently bought this product. I haven’t used Nair in years and the stuff I had used when I was a teen stunk to high heavens of rotten eggs. And you still had to shave after.

imageThis stuff works in under ten minutes in fact its recommended not to use longer than ten minutes. And you should wait about a minute before going into the shower. It does come with an applicator sponge that’s double-sided.

The flat side is to put the Nair onto and spread it over the area you want. But do not rub it into the skin. The bumpy side of the sponge is to move it around on Circular motions after it’s been in the skin for a few minutes to remove the hair under warm water.

The sponge is soft. And it’s great that it comes with the sponge. No more face cloth getting messed up with leg hair. Or body hair for that matter. There isn’t much of a smell to be honest. I have used this twice now and though I found it to remove a lot off the hair I still shaved afterwards. I was due for a full leg shave anyways. And really just focused this product on my upper thighs.

You can’t use this on every single part of your body and the back of the bottle does tell you where you can and can’t use it. Always make sure to read the directions before use.

Happy Nair’ing


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