I Have To Be Honest!

I regret getting the extensions. Sleeping last night was extremely uncomfortable again, it was the first night I had them in and once again last night. Having foreign objects in my head is not glamorous. It’s not like a walk in the park it’s far from wearing a wig hell wigs are more than comfortable then these things.

I wet my hair this morning because it was getting yucky with the hair spray and was starting to bother me. Once I towel dried my hair I noticed that the extensions and my hair didn’t look right. It didn’t blend seamlessly like I had hoped and then panic and anxiety kicked in full tilt ahead.

I had messaged the salon on Facebook telling them for the amount of money spent on them they should look flawlessly and they don’t, I said I wasn’t happy and that I’d rather have them taken out. I was told to call and talk to the guy who did them but I didn’t want to be that one nut job who causes shit. Anyways I’m sure they would have charged a fee to remove them but anal me I went looking on Google to see what I could do to remove them my self. I now know why the technician didn’t want me using coconut oil on my hair.

Anyways I removed them my self. Using coconut oil, pliers and a clip or two as well a hand-held mirror and a shit ton of patience. No damage was done to my hair. I do not recommend getting these extensions if you want quick long hair either grow it out or wear a wig or hair piece. And what ever you do don’t go spending money you don’t have to make your self feel better because your down it won’t fix anything!.


8 thoughts on “I Have To Be Honest!

  1. I had a friend who got extensions and the first morning after getting them when she woke up they had ALL fallen out! I think they put them on her when her hair was too short to handle it. I’ve always felt like extensions would bother me and make me uncomfortable so I can understand why it did that to you. Live and learn; at least you tried them.

      1. A girlfriend of mine came over last night to hang out, upon arrival I noticed her lashes looked really good. Later on she tells me they are lash extensions. She paid $80 for them they look good but then says its upkeep of $50 every four weeks. I was like wow that’s nuts. Tho they look good. It’s so foreign

      2. My sister wears them too; they make her eyes look so great but I just cannot tolerate them. And I already have my nails that I get re-done every two weeks, so I try to keep the maintenance to a minumum. And now my bangs that need trimming every three weeks, so I’m at my limit right now LOL

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