Being A Good Friend Of A Trans Person

Things you don’t say or do.

We all have all types of friends of different colors, ages, genders and sexuality but sometimes people over do things or maybe aren’t aware of the things they say or do.

  1. Don’t tell other people about their trans status. It’s not up to you to share that very personal detail with other people. It is up to them to share it if they so choose to, also if they become intimate with that person.
  2. If someone you know asks if your friend is trans but your responce is “It’s non of your business” this implies something is up. Simple response “no there not” and leave it at that.
  3. Don’t bring up trans related things if your friend hasn’t brought it up first. Just because your friend is trans doesn’t mean they want to talk about trans related things every time they hang out with you. Being trans does not define them it’s apart of them just like the Color of your skin is apart of someone else.
  4. Never ask what their previous name was, ask what bathroom they use, ask if they like men or women or any other question you wouldn’t ask anyone else. Respect is key. If you want to receive it then you need to give it. It’s pretty simple. Accept your friend for who they are.
  5. If you have a legit question and would like to ask it in a polite way then do so without coming across rude. But make sure it’s a question you would not mind responding to if you were asked the same thing. Again it comes down to respect.

Those are my top five rules in being a friend of a trans person.







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