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We all do it, sometimes we do it daily and sometimes it’s multiple times a day or even every few minutes. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about its social media. I’ve started to do a little experiment on Facebook by not liking people’s shared posts as well sharing either their posts or other posts ive liked and shared. And by hiding these said posts, You want to know what happened?. I started to see personal posts from friends that they have posted but would have never seen because of all the over shared posts.

I think people have gotten so bored that we either share all positive posts to make it look like our lives are super happy when really it’s not all candy and bubbles or we have nothing to say so we share stuff we see that might be interesting to others. I think it’s good to share things to a degree. But let’s face it Instagram is kinda BS. As well Twitter and hell I’m even getting sick of Facebook up and till now.

The world has gotten pretty bad now with all the over sharing we all do. It’s rare to see people just chill and not look at their phones all the time. When out and about I want to complement the people who are just living the moment with their friends. I’m not perfect I’ve definitely played my part in over sharing. But I’ve decided to stop taking part in the over sharing and just share personal posts. Maybe then people might pick up on it as well who knows.

Over & Out



Georgia By Noriko

Hey everyone, so it’s been about a minute or two since I’ve posted anything beauty related. I have a few more hair related videos up on my YouTube channel but I will include my newest love here. This style I plan to wear a lot once colder weather hits because anyone who’s ever worn a wig can say they are super hot in the summer months even short ones can be hot. I am strongly thinking of going back to brown hair to save the integrity of my hair. I just find my hair to be dry even if I do coconut oil treatments. And leaving blonde to wigs. Anyways enough about that and on to the video review.

P.S. There is a small Intro to the video and watch till the end for bloopers if you want. Sit back grab a drink and check out Georgia.

Hello Therapy 👋🏻

So my last therapist retired. I do think everyone should see one because there good people to talk too. Bounce ideas off of and how your feeling. My family doctor said sometimes it can take months to get in and see a new one because there not all over the city. But I got a call last week and had my first session yesterday.

This therapist is female and a little older lady I’d say late 40s maybe 50s she’s about 5’5 very petite. Very calming voice, each session is 50mins long. And downtown which is awesome. She sits in a chair but with her legs crossed like in yoga. I feel she’s very zen. And what I enjoyed about her was she asked me questions made me think. And didn’t write on a note pad or doodled like my last one did. Not that he doodled but he could have and I wouldn’t have known hehe.

She wants to see me once a week to keep the momentum going. Which I’m fine about and surprisingly it’s for the same time 1:30pm. I usually like picking 11am for appointments not sure why but 1:30 seems to be a good time. I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy this new therapist. When I left I left refreshed which was interesting to me.

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Divas Sores Are Back

If your new to my blog then you might not know this but my pooch Diva has a tinkling problem. She tinkles without knowing it. And because her fur is fluffy and thick she can only go a few days and till I have to butt bath her and wash her area up. Other wise she gets these urine sores. When I was away in California and we had a dog sitter they never washed her and I’m sure if I had asked it wouldn’t have been done.

Two years ago she had really bad sores on her backend. I stupidly had her cut into a lioness cut when my mother said just to shave the area down and leave the rest of her fur alone. But oh no I wanted her cut cute other wise she would look stupid oh so I thought. I thought wrong of course and she developed post-clipping alopecia.

Her fur has luckily fully grown back. But now the sores are back. Yesterday I carefully trimmed her fur in the area. Then bathed her and took small clippers and shaved the area where the sores are so I can put polysporin on them and heal them up. I did it in such a way the it doesn’t look to noticeable and when her tail is down you can’t even see it.

Hopefully it won’t take to long to heal and her fur will be grown in by winter. The things you do for your pets lol. Love her.

Muddy Mutts

Question? Are you a dog owner? If you are than this post is for you. Do you ever wish there was something to protect your dogs legs and underbelly from rain, dirt, mud, snow. Do you have a dog with a white coat, fluffy, long or even curly? Do you wish there was something you could get to protect your dog from all of it and still have them dry?. If the answer is yes to any of it then keeping reading.

Everyone that knows me knows that Diva is fluffy white and blonde and it pains me to have to walk her when it’s raining, after it’s rained and when it’s snowy and slushy. Well I found an amazing product online.

(Tired of spending all that time cleaning your pet after going out for a walk? Now with the Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel you don’t have to!

Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel are perfect for all seasons. They are not a fashion garment, but rather an essential piece of outdoor clothing, intended to protect your dog from the elements and make their owners life a little bit easier.

Muddy Mutts are perfect to be worn on their own or they can be combined with a fleece-lined, waterproof dog rain coat or any other dog coat or jacket for all-over protection. Add dog boots that won’t fall off and the coverage is complete.

From head to toe, (or should we say tail), your dog will stay clean and dry no matter what the weather.)

I bought Diva Muddy Mutts and even though st first she was like “WTH” but she quickly was fine with them so much so that it rained last night and this morning it’s still kinda wet out the grass is wet and there are some puddles. I snapped a photo of her wearing her Muddy Mutts.


As you can see above it has four reflectors on the cuffs. Velcro to tighten around the ankles and three clips that go over the upper body. One on the back, middle and shoulders. You can add booties if you wish as well a coat. I put her harness on first then the suit and collar. They can still use the bathroom perfectly fine for males or female. And it comes in black and bright yellow. They ship worldwide and they give you measuring instructions on their site. Diva is a small with longer legs. And there sizes are from XX-Small to X-Large. They respond to emails pretty quickly and I’m so glad I found these because I hate having to bath her every-time it’s gross out.

When we got back in this morning and I took Muddy Mutts off her. The only part that had a little water was her feet. The rest of Divas body was dry. I can hear the angels sing lol. It’s like finally something that works.

I’m not being paid for this post or compensated in any way and bought this product with my own money.

My Toronto Trip 2016

So last Thursday I made my way to Toronto. I booked my train and hotel a few months  in-advance. The train ride down was pretty fast my train left at 7:45am and I got into Toronto at around 11:25am. They have redone the train since I took it in 2013. With updated leather seating and better leg room it was very relaxing. I also ate lunch on the train.

imageGetting into Toronto I noticed more condos way more than before. Even my hotel view you could see these huge condos and also empty lots where yup you got it more of them will be built. They call Toronto like a smaller version of NYC. My room was on the 15th floor I had an awesome view of part of downtown not facing the CN Tower but it was a beautiful view anyways.

The cobble stone you see above is at The Historic Distillery District in downtown Toronto where my best friends art studio is. The weather while I was down was all over the place. The weather app said it was going to rain everyday I was there but it didn’t rain every day. We got caught a few times but it didn’t matter because the rain was warm. It was also super ass hot. My friend Nick has been wanting me to check out his studio for years and sadly when I was there in 2013 I didn’t have time because it was a super short trip but I was able to go this time and model some of his hand-made art. Of course we took photos and little Instagram videos for him. There is a photo of Nick and I in the middle left of the photo below.


If your going to be in the Toronto area check out Nick’s Art Studio at 15 Case Goods Lane Studio 303 Toronto M5A 3C4 in the Historic Distillery District. His art work is for sale and he can also do custom painting as well for clients.

While I was in Toronto I was able to reconnect with old best friends which was amazing. As well see some friends I haven’t seen in well over ten years. This trip really meant a lot to me. And being able to spend time with these amazing people. I also had fun parting with one of my best friends I’ve known her for 16 years. The Thursday night my friend Karen and Nickolas we went out for dinner then off to a male strip club and had some fun. And boy did I have some fun hehehe. But because I drank a little too much, all day Friday I was bagged and hung over and wasn’t feeling jazzy lol. But Friday evening we went out for dinner which was super late my friend Karen invited a few friends as I also invited a friend to join us.

imageBecause we were a group they wanted to order a pitcher of beer so they order this. It’s 5qt of beer it was massive. The water glasses are next to it and the beer glasses were not much taller. And because I wasn’t feeling amazing and sipped my beer. They all drank like it was water. So I made sure they drank more of it than me. Heck just the look of it made me nauseous. But by the time we left there and went to the strip club again. I did drink a Corona and had a glass or two of Stella beer and was feeling good by then. But  nothing crazy so I could spend the Saturday just taking it easy. I also had made brunch plans with my friend Paul I haven’t seen in over ten years.

The guy with glasses top left is my friend Jonny, Top right my friend Paul bottom left is Karen and bottom right is Nick. I’ve known these people for many many years and though we might have had some hiccups in our friendships they have been amazing people in my life and I’m so greatful we have stayed in each other’s lives or have been able to reconnect after so long. They made this vacation to Toronto one of if not the best ones yet.

imageSaturday came and I got together with my friend Paul we met at 10am and we spent a good few hours talking and catching up. Invited him back to my hotel so we could just chat. I had bought a bottle of wine on the Thursday but only had one glass out of it. And usually when I drink and get hungover having booze the next day isn’t something that is in my mind. So I offered him the rest of the bottle but by the time he left there was nothing left lol. He finished it haha. Of course the time I spent with my friends I took selfies with everyone. And will probably get them printed off to either frame or put on to a canvas piece.

My friend Nick gave me one of his hand painted shirts as a gift. Which was super sweet. He’s also done a few paintings of me from years ago and I have one of his paintings that he had given to me. Also while I was in Toronto I went to two stores. One store I always go to its called Cosmetic World and the one lady that works there I always make sure to say hi to her name is Loretta and I used to buy all my wigs from her. And every time I go we always catch up she’s a super sweet women and they work with movie people and theatre companies. I also almost left her shop with a short light pastel lilac wig. But how often would I really wear it not often so I just left without. Anyways it was an awesome trip except one small part which happened last night.

Does anyone remember that guy I wrote about who canceled on me twice because his brother had split with his girlfriend so he canceled on me at last-minute. Well I met him last night yup in person. And can I just say wow it’s called (Deodorant and soap and water and a fucking shower) (first impression is normally important). But not this guy major let down. Though he had nice eyes what the fuck was I thinking!. Put it this way he drove for 30 minutes and I met him for 20 before saying cya I’m going to bed. What a waste of 20 mins glad I met him to realize “Hell 2 The No”!.

Anyways there won’t be another meet and greet with that one. Over all besides that one hiccup my Toronto trip was awesome all of my friends had asked if I’d ever move back to Toronto and yea I would if I had an amazing job where I could afford it. Because Toronto is not cheap. Who knows what the future holds for me. But I’d love to go back sooner than 3 years from now. My summer over all has been awesome.

Talk soon

My New Eyebrow Routine & Chit-Chat

Grab your favourite drink and get ready to spend at least five minutes reading this post. For starters when I was away in California I decided to do something a little different with my makeup more so my eyebrows. Once my foundation is on I take my eyebrow brush and sweep it over my brows. No product no eyebrow powder, no filler, nothing. The result see below.


My new makeup look is to look like I’m not wearing much. What I am wearing though is foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss except for the tube top photo lol forgot it there lol.

There was a photo that I had taken where I was heavy-handed with the brow powder and you could tell. Not my best photo let alone brow job. But I’m rather digging the natural brow look.

Moving on: I’ve removed a bunch of my YouTube videos off my channel. There’s no more vlogs or chit-chat videos or whatever. Beauty wise and wig reviews and whatever I’ve left because there the ones with the most views. I honestly don’t care to speak a ton on YouTube and put all my shit out there except for my blog here. Plus I’m better at getting my thoughts out on here, always have always will most likely.

Also I might have a new therapist, it’s a female this time. I need to fill out a  questionnaire form and send it back to her before she sees me in a session. I don’t ever remember having to fill one out the last time I saw a shrink maybe it’s new. Anyways hopefully she’s nice and it works out. I’d like to just see her once a month. We shall see how that goes.

Also I’ve come to realize I’m worth more than a good fuck! I was watching an episode of I Am Jazz on TLC and Jazz who is a transgendered Teen her boyfriend from 5th grade contacts her they go on a date and he ppours his heart out I guess and tells her he would love to be her first love and boyfriend and I guess experience. The date ended with a hug in her part and she’s like your nice but let’s just be friends and see how it goes.

One thing I’m noticing once again is that most men I’d say 90% of the time sees me as a sex object, a fantasy, will sleep with me but not date me or sees me like some thing. No feelings, only wants to hang out in private. I thought this shit would eventually stop. But sadly it hasn’t. It’s like I said on one site that I’m on. If I want someone to have sex with its easy because men want to sleep with me left right and centre. But because I want quality not quantity it’s very difficult and the type of person I’m attracted to just want to sleep with me and not date me, in my city it’s like not easy. But the guys I like tend to live every where but where I am.

Besides that I’ve come to the realization that I have a thing for short guys now. Short as in shorter than me. While I was in California I noticed a crap ton of good-looking men. I swear some were 5’8 hell maybe even shorter. Guys who were ripped to fit, had dark hair or blonde hair tattooed or no ink. Had a few waiters I was like *Hot Damn* Honestly when it comes to men the type of guys I like are fit guys, they can have any type of hair style or be shaved bald, have ink or not, facial hair or not, any type of eye Color. If a guy is fit and I like there look then I’m sold!. It’s the personality that has to win me over in the end. I really don’t have a huge list. Be fit and have an awesome personality that’s it really. I don’t think I’m asking for much. Also if they don’t smoke that would be great great breath is kinda a must. Now if we’re talking about icing on the cake well then it would be someone who man grooms like clean nails, can cook, is comfortable in their skin to be with someone like my self, wears Cologne likes to smell good . Knows how to treat a lady and can give compliments. But I think those things are more common sense. You would think. Oh and maybe makes me a priority some-where in his life.

But be fit and have an awesome personality I personally don’t think that’s asking for much. But thats just me. Anyways now I’m just rambling about it. I know this life of mine wasn’t going to be easy. But I sure hope it becomes easier for people to one day just accept trans women and men for who they are and dating won’t be such a huge problem. That we will no longer be fetishized. That meeting people who see us for who we are not what we are won’t be such a taboo thing. That when celebrities end up with trans people and it’s on the news it won’t be a stupid scandal. That we are just like everyone else. Sadly though I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime but it would be nice!.

Side note: When I went to the bathroom in a restaurant down at Pier 39 in California I noticed there was a guy washing his hands. I went and asked a waitress where the bathroom was, she pointed to me the one the guy was in. I asked her you only have one? She looked at me like I was the one that was strange. I went in and noticed all the stalls had one sign a boy and girl and wheelchair. Each stall was its own contained bathroom. I thought wow smart! All bathrooms should be like that. I think there would be less BS everywhere and people couldn’t complain about what bathroom trans folk use. If you have both genders on the stall door both sexes can use it. Anyways I think it’s an  ingenious idea and more places should be like that just a thought.

Anyways besides all that fun stuff I’m doing alright. I’ve been taking some new medication the first few weeks I felt sick to my stomach but that feeling has since gone away. So far my only down side of it is feeling a little lazy when I wake up. Other wise I’m pretty good. Trying to stay positive!

I guess this could also constitute a life update since its been a while since I’ve written one. I’m excited about going to Toronto next Thursday and seeing my friends. I’ve deleted all the guys out of my phone that just wants one thing from me. No point in keeping idiots in my phone. I’m 100% done with guys who just want to use me and that’s it. I want to date someone and if I have needs I sure as hell don’t need a guy to fulfill them for me!.

Anywho hope all is having a good summer. If you don’t hear from me for a bit not to worry I’m still around.

When People Already Put You Into A Category!

I went on a date earlier this year with someone. They live a few hours away from me. The date was fun we had a great time we have connected multiple times over the phone for the last 6 months or so. I had come out and asked if they could see them selves dating me in the long-term. Because I was curious they had said they could. But most conversations and from the start they said they had put me into a category of some other people they knew. Even though I’m not anything like these other people.

My issue with this is they have removed their chance in ever really getting to know me because of this stupid category let alone any major chance for me getting to know them. We discussed  me and him going on a second date but why should I even go on one if he’s just going to dismiss me after it anyways?.

I’ve sent this person a text and shared how I’m feeling and now just waiting for a response. He has expressed how he likes my honesty so hopefully he will appreciate my text.

Hey, so remember when you said you thought I was dating that guy that came up from Vancouver. We went on two dates. Before he came up you had told me you were going on some date with some post-op. Which you later on fucked or something or maybe she was Cis I don’t remember.

Anyways I’m not sure how but it sounded like you were annoyed that i was going on a date with him but it was fine for you to meet that chick, which it was fine I mean lets be honest here, you haven’t showed much interest overly since you know you put me in the same category as those tranny disability whores you know. Which I still think is totally not cool.

Also when I asked you if you could see your self dating me long-term and you replied with yes. I would have thought you might show more interest. And I just want to mention yes I wanted you to give me a compliment in that dress. When a girl sends a guy a text of a photo of them selves a compliment can be said. Even if the girl knows she looks good it’s still nice to hear.

Anyways as I said on the phone I would like to get to know you more. But if you have already decided that I’m like one of those tranny disability chicks you know.

Then you have already crossed me out of the running. Or have already decided not to give me a real chance. If that really is the case than I don’t want to waste any more of my time on someone who doesn’t deserve it or me for that matter.

And we can part ways now. Maybe connect up as friends and leave things like that. It’s totally up to you but I do want an honest response. I’d rather enjoy my vacation and know how you really feel now then go on this second date to find out after you’re not feeling it.

I think I got my point across. What bugs me about the whole situation is that he put me into this stupid category before even getting to know me, that’s what bugs me the most about it.

I don’t think I’ll get a response today or tomorrow because he’s not one for responding to quickly to text messages. We shall see what his responce is.

Next day:

Well he did respond to my text also in the same day and not to long after I sent mine.

His response

The next day after we got off the phone I felt we definitely should stay in the friend zone. I don’t want to send a defensive or offensive rebuttal. I am in no way looking for a back and forth. Its too bad our efforts couldn’t have just been maintained on a friends level to see if there was a potential. I appreciate and respect your honesty and candor. Lets just let it be. I hope you enjoy your vacation and success in your school in the fall.

My final text to him was this

I’d like to remain friends if possible, thank you for being honest, I respect that. I’d be open to doing coffee when I’m down if you want. 😎 If not, I wish you well in finding your next place, piece of advice with the next girl you meet, don’t be so quick to judge and don’t put them into a category before really getting to know them. Just a thought!

Honestly we had more of a phone friendship anyways but I’m glad to have found this out now because that day we were to have a date I can now spend time with my friends if they aren’t sick of me by then lol or by my self. I think it’s better to know than to find out after and think I could have spent that last day with friends than to waste it on someone who’s not worth the time.

Such is life!

Miss Diva!

So before going on Vacation I got a text then I got an email followed by a postcard saying it was time for her examination and updated vaccines. One being a booster shot for her rabies shot she got last year called DHPP and another bordetella shot which is if she gets boarded. After doing some major reading about over  vaccination and talking to a very close friend I’ve decided diva doesn’t need them. Apparently after their first set of shots as puppy’s they really don’t need yearly or every three year shots. Even though some country’s or states demand they get their rabies shots.

More info here:


I called my vet and spoke to the vet tech. I asked why Diva needed the DHPP shot. The vet tech said its one of the core shots. I told her she had her rabies shot last year, she will be 9 years this month we as humans don’t get boosters every year I really don’t think she needs a booster. She agreed. I also said she got her bordetella shot last year, she goes to Petsmart once in a while, what’s the shot for. She said its if she gets boreded. I said she really doesn’t and I don’t want to give my dog that shot. I did say I’d bring her to get examined but the shots I’m not doing. She said she would put it into the file.

A very good friend of mine who knows a lot about animals said to me her dogs and cats get their first set of shots as puppies or kittens and then that’s about it. Since moving to a farm though she did have one of them get a rabies shot but other wise doesn’t  vaccinate yearly or every three years and will only bring them to the vet if it’s major other wise they have never had a problem health wise.

Also from what I have read vets for the most part push unnecessary vaccinations on animal owners to get paid. And animals Immune systems are pretty tolerable in fighting off things. We as humans don’t need yearly vaccinations. Some people get the flue shot yearly while others don’t. It’s not mandatory and it’s up to each and everyone to do what they want to do.

Diva is super healthy with a small heart murmur. And ever since her dental work before I moved she’s in great shape. Sure she’s slowing down some but she’s pretty damn healthy. And I’d like to keep her that way. I would suggest to any pet parent to read up on vaccinations lots of info about over doing it and the like. The more informed you are the better.

Diva says hi!

My California Trip!

So I’ve not been around for a little while and that’s because I was in California as well as Carmel By The Sea & San Fransisco. I went with my parents for my aunt & God mothers celebration of life party. She passed away in May from pancreas cancer. My aunt was an amazing woman, mother, sister, god mother you name it! She was also my favorite aunt because she loved me for me.

I haven’t been on an air plane since I was a kid. I’ll be honest I was a tad nervous but that all went away pretty quickly. We flew from Ottawa to Toronto and then from Toronto to San Fransisco air port. It took about an hour to T.O. And then 5 hours to California.

image image

My parents let me take the window seat going down. Lucky for me it was right on the wing. I ended up taking some awesome shots. Which I’ll post in another post. But the second photo is  snow-covered mountains. Was pretty clear and so cool to see.

imageThe first place we went to was Tracy, California for my aunts party. I got some shots of my self with my uncle as well cousins and two godchildren one of which had the same birthday as me which I thought was pretty cool.

It was super hot that day. My uncle and aunt had bought a pizza oven and put it in the back yard. They have two friends who make pizza as a living and so they made fresh pizza all day long. There was no real breeze that day and it was hard to cool down. The photo of my uncle and I was before the party started and was before I put on my Ralph Lauren dress. After about four hours of wearing my dress and gold 4inch heels and me sweating I called it quits and threw on my Nike sandals and something more comfy lol.

We stayed in Tracy for a few days and then drove to Carmel By The Sea. Carmel is reallyimage hilly, some cute houses and shops. Unfortunately the weather was chilly, we had missed the heat wave. Also there was a forest fire not that far away and so it was smoky, the sky was orange and there was ash falling from the sky. Going from Tracy where it was dry heat to chilly and having to wear jeans and a jacket it was interesting to say the least.

The shops were cute and I bought a beautiful little red dress and a bracelet. The dress had  European sizing I think because it’s labeled T2 which is like a size 4 or something. And the bracelet is black with a small cluster of crystals that is magnet so easy on and off.

The wine was excellent as was the food and dessert. Also it turns out I really like cappuccinos. Also get this I gained 5 pounds on vacation most likely due to the wine I consumed and the odd hours of eating. I felt like I drank more wine than water lol. And I’m sitting at 170.6lbs which isn’t a ton of weight. But it’s funny nonetheless. You can see by the sky behind me it’s not super blue and that’s because of the smoke.

San Fransisco was also a tad chilly and I know that it’s typically their weather but from going from Carmel which I was hoping was going to be super warm to be chilly to go to another spot that was chilly it kinda sucked. I missed one workout and did hit up two hotel gyms as well did two workouts on my iPad 7app. But I’m guessing the wine did a good job lmao.

imageI did not end up doing a tour of Alcatraze apparently you need to book like 3 months ahead of time. So instead I went to Madame Tussaud’s San Francisco Wax Musume which was awesome except their Marilyn Monroe was a let down and I don’t think looked anything like her. But everyone else looked like how they should have.

I also went to The San Francisco Dungeon which the ticket was a combo for this & Madame for only $35 I thought the Dungeon was a self guided tour. And so I took the elevator down to it. Went into a room got freaked out to then see someone who spooked me to then be told it hadn’t started yet and that it was a group thing and to go up stairs. Totally funny but they don’t say or have a sign that it’s a group thing. It was an awesome attraction with 9 live actors. It recreates scary historical events using 360° sets, special effects and Visitors walk through the Dungeon, and are guided through each show by the professional actors.

You can’t take any photos or video and you have to turn off your cell phone. The live show takes about 45 minutes. Be prepared to be scared and laugh a ton. Also make sure to have good balance but if you suffer from claustrophobic you may not enjoy some aspects of the attraction. But personally I enjoyed every bit of it. And I was in a group of five other tourists. I would highly recommend it.

I also went to Ripleys believe it or not Musume – Fisherman’s Wharf, That was also pretty cool I went with a fellow blogger that I met up with for lunch and first time meeting. Lunch was decent food we went to the Rainforest Cafe – San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf, very interesting place to eat. A little loud and it’s more for kids but it was a fun place to grab some lunch. Prices are kinda high but other wise it was fun. Also some very cool things to look at at Ripleys.

imageThe last day my Father and I went to Pier 39, which is down Fisherman’s Wharf. We went to some shops so I could do a little shopping. I picked up a cute t-shirt and some little trinkets. They had a huge carrousel in the middle.

I missed my dog dearly and my parents dogs, we had a house and dog sitter babysit for us. Which was good and I had a friend watch my mail for me at my apartment.

All in all it was a fun-filled vacation. I’ll be in Ottawa for a little bit and then I’m off to Toronto for a few days. Which will be fun to visit with friends. And go on my second date with my tall guy.

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. And talk soon.