Miss Diva!

So before going on Vacation I got a text then I got an email followed by a postcard saying it was time for her examination and updated vaccines. One being a booster shot for her rabies shot she got last year called DHPP and another bordetella shot which is if she gets boarded. After doing some major reading about over  vaccination and talking to a very close friend I’ve decided diva doesn’t need them. Apparently after their first set of shots as puppy’s they really don’t need yearly or every three year shots. Even though some country’s or states demand they get their rabies shots.

More info here:

  1. http://s3.amazonaws.com/dogsnaturally/FreeVaccineGuide.pdf
  2. https://s3.amazonaws.com/dogsnaturally/Vaccines-DNM-BW.pdf

I called my vet and spoke to the vet tech. I asked why Diva needed the DHPP shot. The vet tech said its one of the core shots. I told her she had her rabies shot last year, she will be 9 years this month we as humans don’t get boosters every year I really don’t think she needs a booster. She agreed. I also said she got her bordetella shot last year, she goes to Petsmart once in a while, what’s the shot for. She said its if she gets boreded. I said she really doesn’t and I don’t want to give my dog that shot. I did say I’d bring her to get examined but the shots I’m not doing. She said she would put it into the file.

A very good friend of mine who knows a lot about animals said to me her dogs and cats get their first set of shots as puppies or kittens and then that’s about it. Since moving to a farm though she did have one of them get a rabies shot but other wise doesn’t  vaccinate yearly or every three years and will only bring them to the vet if it’s major other wise they have never had a problem health wise.

Also from what I have read vets for the most part push unnecessary vaccinations on animal owners to get paid. And animals Immune systems are pretty tolerable in fighting off things. We as humans don’t need yearly vaccinations. Some people get the flue shot yearly while others don’t. It’s not mandatory and it’s up to each and everyone to do what they want to do.

Diva is super healthy with a small heart murmur. And ever since her dental work before I moved she’s in great shape. Sure she’s slowing down some but she’s pretty damn healthy. And I’d like to keep her that way. I would suggest to any pet parent to read up on vaccinations lots of info about over doing it and the like. The more informed you are the better.

Diva says hi!


3 thoughts on “Miss Diva!

  1. I do know people with cats who do not ever take them to the vet because they are simply too difficult to manage! But they are strictly indoor cats; I think the more the pets are outdoors the higher the risk, but an indoor pet is generally pretty safe. Unless of course, you introduce a new pet into the home that brings disease with them…but that’s a different story.

    1. Remember years ago when dogs and cats got a few shots as little ones and that was it.now it’s like all the time and we wonder why they get sick. Bordetella is basically kennel cough diva rarely goes into one out in public and goes to Petsmart once in a blue moon, ill stop taking her. For grooming now that I trim her nails my self lol

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