My California Trip!

So I’ve not been around for a little while and that’s because I was in California as well as Carmel By The Sea & San Fransisco. I went with my parents for my aunt & God mothers celebration of life party. She passed away in May from pancreas cancer. My aunt was an amazing woman, mother, sister, god mother you name it! She was also my favorite aunt because she loved me for me.

I haven’t been on an air plane since I was a kid. I’ll be honest I was a tad nervous but that all went away pretty quickly. We flew from Ottawa to Toronto and then from Toronto to San Fransisco air port. It took about an hour to T.O. And then 5 hours to California.

image image

My parents let me take the window seat going down. Lucky for me it was right on the wing. I ended up taking some awesome shots. Which I’ll post in another post. But the second photo is  snow-covered mountains. Was pretty clear and so cool to see.

imageThe first place we went to was Tracy, California for my aunts party. I got some shots of my self with my uncle as well cousins and two godchildren one of which had the same birthday as me which I thought was pretty cool.

It was super hot that day. My uncle and aunt had bought a pizza oven and put it in the back yard. They have two friends who make pizza as a living and so they made fresh pizza all day long. There was no real breeze that day and it was hard to cool down. The photo of my uncle and I was before the party started and was before I put on my Ralph Lauren dress. After about four hours of wearing my dress and gold 4inch heels and me sweating I called it quits and threw on my Nike sandals and something more comfy lol.

We stayed in Tracy for a few days and then drove to Carmel By The Sea. Carmel is reallyimage hilly, some cute houses and shops. Unfortunately the weather was chilly, we had missed the heat wave. Also there was a forest fire not that far away and so it was smoky, the sky was orange and there was ash falling from the sky. Going from Tracy where it was dry heat to chilly and having to wear jeans and a jacket it was interesting to say the least.

The shops were cute and I bought a beautiful little red dress and a bracelet. The dress had  European sizing I think because it’s labeled T2 which is like a size 4 or something. And the bracelet is black with a small cluster of crystals that is magnet so easy on and off.

The wine was excellent as was the food and dessert. Also it turns out I really like cappuccinos. Also get this I gained 5 pounds on vacation most likely due to the wine I consumed and the odd hours of eating. I felt like I drank more wine than water lol. And I’m sitting at 170.6lbs which isn’t a ton of weight. But it’s funny nonetheless. You can see by the sky behind me it’s not super blue and that’s because of the smoke.

San Fransisco was also a tad chilly and I know that it’s typically their weather but from going from Carmel which I was hoping was going to be super warm to be chilly to go to another spot that was chilly it kinda sucked. I missed one workout and did hit up two hotel gyms as well did two workouts on my iPad 7app. But I’m guessing the wine did a good job lmao.

imageI did not end up doing a tour of Alcatraze apparently you need to book like 3 months ahead of time. So instead I went to Madame Tussaud’s San Francisco Wax Musume which was awesome except their Marilyn Monroe was a let down and I don’t think looked anything like her. But everyone else looked like how they should have.

I also went to The San Francisco Dungeon which the ticket was a combo for this & Madame for only $35 I thought the Dungeon was a self guided tour. And so I took the elevator down to it. Went into a room got freaked out to then see someone who spooked me to then be told it hadn’t started yet and that it was a group thing and to go up stairs. Totally funny but they don’t say or have a sign that it’s a group thing. It was an awesome attraction with 9 live actors. It recreates scary historical events using 360° sets, special effects and Visitors walk through the Dungeon, and are guided through each show by the professional actors.

You can’t take any photos or video and you have to turn off your cell phone. The live show takes about 45 minutes. Be prepared to be scared and laugh a ton. Also make sure to have good balance but if you suffer from claustrophobic you may not enjoy some aspects of the attraction. But personally I enjoyed every bit of it. And I was in a group of five other tourists. I would highly recommend it.

I also went to Ripleys believe it or not Musume – Fisherman’s Wharf, That was also pretty cool I went with a fellow blogger that I met up with for lunch and first time meeting. Lunch was decent food we went to the Rainforest Cafe – San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf, very interesting place to eat. A little loud and it’s more for kids but it was a fun place to grab some lunch. Prices are kinda high but other wise it was fun. Also some very cool things to look at at Ripleys.

imageThe last day my Father and I went to Pier 39, which is down Fisherman’s Wharf. We went to some shops so I could do a little shopping. I picked up a cute t-shirt and some little trinkets. They had a huge carrousel in the middle.

I missed my dog dearly and my parents dogs, we had a house and dog sitter babysit for us. Which was good and I had a friend watch my mail for me at my apartment.

All in all it was a fun-filled vacation. I’ll be in Ottawa for a little bit and then I’m off to Toronto for a few days. Which will be fun to visit with friends. And go on my second date with my tall guy.

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. And talk soon.



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