When People Already Put You Into A Category!

I went on a date earlier this year with someone. They live a few hours away from me. The date was fun we had a great time we have connected multiple times over the phone for the last 6 months or so. I had come out and asked if they could see them selves dating me in the long-term. Because I was curious they had said they could. But most conversations and from the start they said they had put me into a category of some other people they knew. Even though I’m not anything like these other people.

My issue with this is they have removed their chance in ever really getting to know me because of this stupid category let alone any major chance for me getting to know them. We discussed  me and him going on a second date but why should I even go on one if he’s just going to dismiss me after it anyways?.

I’ve sent this person a text and shared how I’m feeling and now just waiting for a response. He has expressed how he likes my honesty so hopefully he will appreciate my text.

Hey, so remember when you said you thought I was dating that guy that came up from Vancouver. We went on two dates. Before he came up you had told me you were going on some date with some post-op. Which you later on fucked or something or maybe she was Cis I don’t remember.

Anyways I’m not sure how but it sounded like you were annoyed that i was going on a date with him but it was fine for you to meet that chick, which it was fine I mean lets be honest here, you haven’t showed much interest overly since you know you put me in the same category as those tranny disability whores you know. Which I still think is totally not cool.

Also when I asked you if you could see your self dating me long-term and you replied with yes. I would have thought you might show more interest. And I just want to mention yes I wanted you to give me a compliment in that dress. When a girl sends a guy a text of a photo of them selves a compliment can be said. Even if the girl knows she looks good it’s still nice to hear.

Anyways as I said on the phone I would like to get to know you more. But if you have already decided that I’m like one of those tranny disability chicks you know.

Then you have already crossed me out of the running. Or have already decided not to give me a real chance. If that really is the case than I don’t want to waste any more of my time on someone who doesn’t deserve it or me for that matter.

And we can part ways now. Maybe connect up as friends and leave things like that. It’s totally up to you but I do want an honest response. I’d rather enjoy my vacation and know how you really feel now then go on this second date to find out after you’re not feeling it.

I think I got my point across. What bugs me about the whole situation is that he put me into this stupid category before even getting to know me, that’s what bugs me the most about it.

I don’t think I’ll get a response today or tomorrow because he’s not one for responding to quickly to text messages. We shall see what his responce is.

Next day:

Well he did respond to my text also in the same day and not to long after I sent mine.

His response

The next day after we got off the phone I felt we definitely should stay in the friend zone. I don’t want to send a defensive or offensive rebuttal. I am in no way looking for a back and forth. Its too bad our efforts couldn’t have just been maintained on a friends level to see if there was a potential. I appreciate and respect your honesty and candor. Lets just let it be. I hope you enjoy your vacation and success in your school in the fall.

My final text to him was this

I’d like to remain friends if possible, thank you for being honest, I respect that. I’d be open to doing coffee when I’m down if you want. 😎 If not, I wish you well in finding your next place, piece of advice with the next girl you meet, don’t be so quick to judge and don’t put them into a category before really getting to know them. Just a thought!

Honestly we had more of a phone friendship anyways but I’m glad to have found this out now because that day we were to have a date I can now spend time with my friends if they aren’t sick of me by then lol or by my self. I think it’s better to know than to find out after and think I could have spent that last day with friends than to waste it on someone who’s not worth the time.

Such is life!

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