My Toronto Trip 2016

So last Thursday I made my way to Toronto. I booked my train and hotel a few months  in-advance. The train ride down was pretty fast my train left at 7:45am and I got into Toronto at around 11:25am. They have redone the train since I took it in 2013. With updated leather seating and better leg room it was very relaxing. I also ate lunch on the train.

imageGetting into Toronto I noticed more condos way more than before. Even my hotel view you could see these huge condos and also empty lots where yup you got it more of them will be built. They call Toronto like a smaller version of NYC. My room was on the 15th floor I had an awesome view of part of downtown not facing the CN Tower but it was a beautiful view anyways.

The cobble stone you see above is at The Historic Distillery District in downtown Toronto where my best friends art studio is. The weather while I was down was all over the place. The weather app said it was going to rain everyday I was there but it didn’t rain every day. We got caught a few times but it didn’t matter because the rain was warm. It was also super ass hot. My friend Nick has been wanting me to check out his studio for years and sadly when I was there in 2013 I didn’t have time because it was a super short trip but I was able to go this time and model some of his hand-made art. Of course we took photos and little Instagram videos for him. There is a photo of Nick and I in the middle left of the photo below.


If your going to be in the Toronto area check out Nick’s Art Studio at 15 Case Goods Lane Studio 303 Toronto M5A 3C4 in the Historic Distillery District. His art work is for sale and he can also do custom painting as well for clients.

While I was in Toronto I was able to reconnect with old best friends which was amazing. As well see some friends I haven’t seen in well over ten years. This trip really meant a lot to me. And being able to spend time with these amazing people. I also had fun parting with one of my best friends I’ve known her for 16 years. The Thursday night my friend Karen and Nickolas we went out for dinner then off to a male strip club and had some fun. And boy did I have some fun hehehe. But because I drank a little too much, all day Friday I was bagged and hung over and wasn’t feeling jazzy lol. But Friday evening we went out for dinner which was super late my friend Karen invited a few friends as I also invited a friend to join us.

imageBecause we were a group they wanted to order a pitcher of beer so they order this. It’s 5qt of beer it was massive. The water glasses are next to it and the beer glasses were not much taller. And because I wasn’t feeling amazing and sipped my beer. They all drank like it was water. So I made sure they drank more of it than me. Heck just the look of it made me nauseous. But by the time we left there and went to the strip club again. I did drink a Corona and had a glass or two of Stella beer and was feeling good by then. But  nothing crazy so I could spend the Saturday just taking it easy. I also had made brunch plans with my friend Paul I haven’t seen in over ten years.

The guy with glasses top left is my friend Jonny, Top right my friend Paul bottom left is Karen and bottom right is Nick. I’ve known these people for many many years and though we might have had some hiccups in our friendships they have been amazing people in my life and I’m so greatful we have stayed in each other’s lives or have been able to reconnect after so long. They made this vacation to Toronto one of if not the best ones yet.

imageSaturday came and I got together with my friend Paul we met at 10am and we spent a good few hours talking and catching up. Invited him back to my hotel so we could just chat. I had bought a bottle of wine on the Thursday but only had one glass out of it. And usually when I drink and get hungover having booze the next day isn’t something that is in my mind. So I offered him the rest of the bottle but by the time he left there was nothing left lol. He finished it haha. Of course the time I spent with my friends I took selfies with everyone. And will probably get them printed off to either frame or put on to a canvas piece.

My friend Nick gave me one of his hand painted shirts as a gift. Which was super sweet. He’s also done a few paintings of me from years ago and I have one of his paintings that he had given to me. Also while I was in Toronto I went to two stores. One store I always go to its called Cosmetic World and the one lady that works there I always make sure to say hi to her name is Loretta and I used to buy all my wigs from her. And every time I go we always catch up she’s a super sweet women and they work with movie people and theatre companies. I also almost left her shop with a short light pastel lilac wig. But how often would I really wear it not often so I just left without. Anyways it was an awesome trip except one small part which happened last night.

Does anyone remember that guy I wrote about who canceled on me twice because his brother had split with his girlfriend so he canceled on me at last-minute. Well I met him last night yup in person. And can I just say wow it’s called (Deodorant and soap and water and a fucking shower) (first impression is normally important). But not this guy major let down. Though he had nice eyes what the fuck was I thinking!. Put it this way he drove for 30 minutes and I met him for 20 before saying cya I’m going to bed. What a waste of 20 mins glad I met him to realize “Hell 2 The No”!.

Anyways there won’t be another meet and greet with that one. Over all besides that one hiccup my Toronto trip was awesome all of my friends had asked if I’d ever move back to Toronto and yea I would if I had an amazing job where I could afford it. Because Toronto is not cheap. Who knows what the future holds for me. But I’d love to go back sooner than 3 years from now. My summer over all has been awesome.

Talk soon


One thought on “My Toronto Trip 2016

  1. At one time we thought Doug’s job was going to move him to Toronto and we flipped looking at how much a house was going to be there. Not even half the size of the house we have now and more than twice the cost! We are really spoiled living in TX, the cost of living is really cheap here.

    Sounds like you had a great time!

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