Muddy Mutts

Question? Are you a dog owner? If you are than this post is for you. Do you ever wish there was something to protect your dogs legs and underbelly from rain, dirt, mud, snow. Do you have a dog with a white coat, fluffy, long or even curly? Do you wish there was something you could get to protect your dog from all of it and still have them dry?. If the answer is yes to any of it then keeping reading.

Everyone that knows me knows that Diva is fluffy white and blonde and it pains me to have to walk her when it’s raining, after it’s rained and when it’s snowy and slushy. Well I found an amazing product online.

(Tired of spending all that time cleaning your pet after going out for a walk? Now with the Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel you don’t have to!

Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel are perfect for all seasons. They are not a fashion garment, but rather an essential piece of outdoor clothing, intended to protect your dog from the elements and make their owners life a little bit easier.

Muddy Mutts are perfect to be worn on their own or they can be combined with a fleece-lined, waterproof dog rain coat or any other dog coat or jacket for all-over protection. Add dog boots that won’t fall off and the coverage is complete.

From head to toe, (or should we say tail), your dog will stay clean and dry no matter what the weather.)

I bought Diva Muddy Mutts and even though st first she was like “WTH” but she quickly was fine with them so much so that it rained last night and this morning it’s still kinda wet out the grass is wet and there are some puddles. I snapped a photo of her wearing her Muddy Mutts.


As you can see above it has four reflectors on the cuffs. Velcro to tighten around the ankles and three clips that go over the upper body. One on the back, middle and shoulders. You can add booties if you wish as well a coat. I put her harness on first then the suit and collar. They can still use the bathroom perfectly fine for males or female. And it comes in black and bright yellow. They ship worldwide and they give you measuring instructions on their site. Diva is a small with longer legs. And there sizes are from XX-Small to X-Large. They respond to emails pretty quickly and I’m so glad I found these because I hate having to bath her every-time it’s gross out.

When we got back in this morning and I took Muddy Mutts off her. The only part that had a little water was her feet. The rest of Divas body was dry. I can hear the angels sing lol. It’s like finally something that works.

I’m not being paid for this post or compensated in any way and bought this product with my own money.


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