Divas Sores Are Back

If your new to my blog then you might not know this but my pooch Diva has a tinkling problem. She tinkles without knowing it. And because her fur is fluffy and thick she can only go a few days and till I have to butt bath her and wash her area up. Other wise she gets these urine sores. When I was away in California and we had a dog sitter they never washed her and I’m sure if I had asked it wouldn’t have been done.

Two years ago she had really bad sores on her backend. I stupidly had her cut into a lioness cut when my mother said just to shave the area down and leave the rest of her fur alone. But oh no I wanted her cut cute other wise she would look stupid oh so I thought. I thought wrong of course and she developed post-clipping alopecia.

Her fur has luckily fully grown back. But now the sores are back. Yesterday I carefully trimmed her fur in the area. Then bathed her and took small clippers and shaved the area where the sores are so I can put polysporin on them and heal them up. I did it in such a way the it doesn’t look to noticeable and when her tail is down you can’t even see it.

Hopefully it won’t take to long to heal and her fur will be grown in by winter. The things you do for your pets lol. Love her.


3 thoughts on “Divas Sores Are Back

  1. We had a german shepherd years ago with some ‘issues’ I won’t get into… but it involved me completely washing his dog butt after every time he went #2. I had to take him over to the house, hold up his tail, and completely wash him. He would look back at me with such love, like he knew what I was doing was gross but that he appreciated I was doing it! LOL.

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