Hello Therapy 👋🏻

So my last therapist retired. I do think everyone should see one because there good people to talk too. Bounce ideas off of and how your feeling. My family doctor said sometimes it can take months to get in and see a new one because there not all over the city. But I got a call last week and had my first session yesterday.

This therapist is female and a little older lady I’d say late 40s maybe 50s she’s about 5’5 very petite. Very calming voice, each session is 50mins long. And downtown which is awesome. She sits in a chair but with her legs crossed like in yoga. I feel she’s very zen. And what I enjoyed about her was she asked me questions made me think. And didn’t write on a note pad or doodled like my last one did. Not that he doodled but he could have and I wouldn’t have known hehe.

She wants to see me once a week to keep the momentum going. Which I’m fine about and surprisingly it’s for the same time 1:30pm. I usually like picking 11am for appointments not sure why but 1:30 seems to be a good time. I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy this new therapist. When I left I left refreshed which was interesting to me.

Over & Out

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