John Frieda Sheer Blond Go Blonder Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi everyone so this is my part one of my review. I plan to make this a series of just these two products. As well a video after a month of continuous use. I watched all e video reviews I could on YouTube and some are old. Anyways I was going to go back to the dark side but that’s more hair Color with double processing involved and I just don’t want to put my hair through that. But I also don’t want to keep putting my locks through the upkeep of blonde hair.

Anyways I thought I would test out this S&C combo. The photo I’m including with this post the far left was when I was in Toronto my hair was visible had brassiness in it. The middle photo was this week washing my hair only once and then this morning. It removed the brassy bits, and brightens up the remaining blonde in my hair.






Some of the video reviews on YT said they didn’t use the conditioner and only used the shampoo and lightening spray. But because I don’t use much heat on my hair I didn’t get the lightening spray. I don’t personally feel the shampoo is drying but maybe because my hair is more oily than others. And I’d recommend using the conditioner and leaving it on for a few mins while you wash your body and then finish rinsing with warm water and then cold or cool to lock the hair. As you can clearly see the Orange brassiness is gone and that’s just with two shampoos. The purple shampoo that I have for some reason isn’t removing it.

This shampoo and conditioner clams you can go lighter with one wash. And I think it does just that. It’s brightened my blonde which is awesome and it’s made my regrowth less harsh looking. I’ll come back and do an update in a months time. But two washes in I’m really loving the results.

Over & Out


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