Having A Grip On Trich!


Yesterday at my therapy session we touched base on me having Trichotillomania. My therapist wondered why I had put that on the form. Since It seems I have over come it. She also had asked if I was wearing a wig at my first session.

Because it looked so good that it didn’t seem like I had a problem with my hair. I said no that was my hair as it is today. She laughed as well me. She asked how did I find a “Cure”?. I said I don’t really have a cure but more so coping mechanisms. I did say as well that about last week I did pull 1 single strand of hair but then quickly put my hair up in a clip and that curved the urge.

I told her my hair has never been this long in my life and that this is the 3rd time I have grown out my hair. Next weeks appointment we will be discussing more about Trich and how I have grown it so long and my coping skills. Trich is always there it’s just a matter of stopping him in his tracks before he try’s to take over. Years ago it would have never stopped at one single strand it would be clumps with ending results of bald patches. But because I’m hell-bent on having my own long bio hair. And knowing when to clip up or put all hair into a bun is mile stones ahead then what would have happened before.

I wish I had the will power before to not of had it take over but everything happens for a reason and I’m happy now where my hair is at. Of course I want it longer but by next summer it will be where I want it so I’m not to worried about it.

A few tips for anyone who wants to over come Trich

Buy some good wigs for when you need to wear hair to grow your hair out. Brands I highly recommend are, Noriko, Rene Of Paris and Amore, Raquel Welch, Gabor and Jon Renau. And depending on your budget as well what you might like, Single, Double Mono tops are great as are Lacefront wigs. (I still own and have bought some high quality synthetic wigs for the days I don’t want to style or colour my hair in some fun styles and just incase).

Clippers for when the bald patches are to big, just shave your head and keep shaving it and till all the patches grow back in and all the hair is uniform. Rock the wigs and till your hair gets to a comfortable length to rock it. (I was to afraid to leave surrounding hair with bald patches close by because I knew if I left it it too would be pulled so I shaved the whole head and till everything grew back in unison)

Hair clips, Hair bands, they work great for keeping your hair up and off your face.

A hair cap or hair wrap so your hair is covered and again off of your neck and skin.

All of the tips I’m suggesting is what worked for me. The want and desire has to be stronger than Trich.

Over & Out


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