Miss Diva Has Blood In Her Urine & Some.


I noticed it today when I took her for her morning walk. Not sure how long it’s been going on for and the only reason I noticed today was because of a leaf she happened to pee on. Of course I did what most people do I went to PetMD.com and looked it up.

And yes I did make a call to my vet for Saturday to go get this checked out. Because we can’t have Diva getting sick on me just yet. I’m crossing my fingers it’s nothing to serious. But at the same time I can also get these red spots checked out as well. I’m pretty sure they are from the urine she constantly does and then it goes onto her skin. I have been using antibacterial soap and antibiotic ointment for the red marks to heal them. After shaving down some of the area so it can get dried out. But this morning I noticed new spots. I’m kinda confused about that. Anyways all will be looked at come Saturday morning.

Of course any time your dog or cat has something we worry because that’s what us pet parents do. They are our kids practically. Some people have human kids and some have pet kids. I’ve been extremely lucky that Divas never been really sick before. The only thing medically I’ve really had to deal with was her urine issue that she’s had since she was little a her having 11 small teeth removed. As far as being sick she’s been super healthy. The last time we were at the vet they said she had a small like 1 level heart murmur but that’s it. Of course when ever you read something on the net that your dog could have we go right for the worst instead of the not so bad. Must be a brain thing or a worry thing I dunno. But I’m really hoping it’s just a urine tract infection that can be dealt with antibiotics.

Anywho will update all of you after I find out what’s going on.



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