Divas Vet Visit


So last Saturday Diva went to the vets. She has a uti and the spots that have been pretty red and not going away is a bacterial infection caused from the urine that drips from her and gets on her skin.

She’s now taking antibiotics and have been taking them since Saturday evening. One pill every 24 hours with food. The vet said the uti should clear up in two to three days and the red spots in about a week. Other wise she’s in good health. He said she has a small bladder. He said nothing about her weight so I guess it’s okay that she’s not her usual 17.5 pounds. Right now she’s 19.4 is what she came in as.

Anyways she is doing well on the antibiotics, she usually is good with meds and hints like that I’m lucky she doesn’t have any bad reactions to medication. Also I was not ask at all about getting her re vaccinated which is good. All in all she’s doing great yay.

Over & Out


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