The Moment You Realize

That you would rather stay single then do the whole dating crap and online crap. There I said it. If one doesn’t use the sites or apps than one doesn’t have to put up with the BS that is apart of that world. This is what I have come to realize. That I would be better off with out using them and staying single then to put my self through the crap that is online.

I recently removed my self off the last two websites I was using. I than for some dumb reason rejoined a few dating apps to than turn around and remove my self from them with in 24 hours or so. 98% are still horny low life losers who just want one thing. And so I just can’t be bothered anymore.

Here is a big fuck you to the world of online dating and to the men just looking for sex Fuck You!!!!

Id rather stay single then do what I have been doing.

And what slays me is guys are like “Oh I’d love to fuck you” um thanks but I’m good I don’t need a man for sex, it’s called quality not quantity. At this rate a guy would have to be pretty fucking amazing to win me over.

Online dating is a pure joke in my opinion.


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