Bye Bye Marilyn, Hello 👋🏻Norma Jeane

You ever get the urge to do something drastic to your hair and then realize not soon after that you probably should have left your hair well enough alone. But by that point it’s to late and your so unhappy that you get it in your head that you should fix what you started. And sure there could have been a way to save your mistake by going to a professional but you wanted to fix your mistake the way you started. Watch my video below and learn from it. And please for the love of whatever get some pop corn 🌽 and no it won’t hurt my feelings if you laugh out loud at it.

On the positive side. I still have hair! 😂


4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Marilyn, Hello 👋🏻Norma Jeane

  1. “I probably should have left my hair well the fuck alone.” LOL. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve made that statement! Your commentary/captions were hilarious. The whole thing reminds me of what I went through right after I got my perm…I had some very tense moments those first few weeks where it really seemed to have been a disaster! Now I kinda want another one…LOL.

    1. I’m glad you got a laugh, looking back from where I started I was like, “Fuck shoulda woulda coulda” my scalp is sore. I think I got bleach burn around my front hair line. It kinda looks bad with out makeup but thank god for makeup. As for your Perm Just don’t!!!! Other wise you might be making a video like mine LOL.

    1. OMG I’m so glad I have that and so glad you recommended it to me. I think what has also saved my hair through the hair dye has also been coconut oil.

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