Life Update For September

Well it’s been about a minute or two or a bunch since my last update actually the last one was in April. Okay we’re should I start. This update won’t be in order and I’m just going to try to remember everything that has gone on.

My God Mother & Favorite Aunt got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Cancer has really hit my family hard these last few years. I’m extremely sad to say she passed away from cancer. She was in her 60s. Her celebration of life 🎉 party was later in July.

My parents and I flew to California for her party which was held at My Uncles & Aunts home in Tracy. It was a wonderful party with family and friends. It was strange to be in their home 🏡 and not see my Aunt at the kitchen island. I had never been to their home before but they would send Christmas photos or my Aunt would post photos on Facebook or her son my cousin. I’m thankful I was able to spend some time at their home and visit with my uncle and cousins. It was bittersweet.

img_4494While in California we also stayed in San Francisco. I was able to go to Madame Tucson’s Wax  Museum. Which was awesome except for the Marilyn Monroe, I don’t think it looked anything like her. And that was a disappointment. Not sure if she has melted some under the lights or what but scary!.

I had posted this photo on my Fan group that I’m a member of on Facebook and the comments they left was way worse like this figure was a bad drag queen 👸 doing a disservice lol. That was a let down as well as the cold weather, we did not pack for it at all.

Over all though it was a good trip. And I was also able to have lunch with a fellow blogger and friend so that was awesome.

August came and I went to Toronto to visit with friends and connect with some old ones. That was a crazy good time and so glad I went. I finally saw one of my Best-friends art studio. That was really cool as well. Then later on in August the day before Ottawa Pride🌈 I reconnected with another old best friend and now we’re back to being a fabulous pair which I’m super happy about.

I also started taking a low dose of antidepressants which is improving my mood and am seeing a new therapist which I’m really liking. As well as upped my workouts to three days a week.

The one credit card that had the biggest limit well I did end up using it quite a few more times. For some purchases that I deff did not need and some I’m glad I was able to get. Such as my tattoos that I got. One set of an 18 inch and 15 inch quad Weft clip in Extensions. And living things and clothing. As for things I didn’t need that would be my huge mistake of Great lengths extensions. Those suckers are not cheap and I hated them. But the card 💳 also paid for my Toronto trip. Which I’m thankful I went on.

Diva had a small health scare but she’s doing much better. And she’s 9 years which I can’t believe but she’s healthy so I’m happy.

I’m currently not dating anyone and I’m fine with that. Nor am I using online dating and that’s perfectly okay.

I’ve had to get some credit counselling which I’m now working with. I have had my credit card canceled now and am doing a repayment plan which will be paid off in 55 months or less. The best part is there is no longer any interest to pay. So all of my payments are going directly to the credit and a small bit goes to the company I’m working with. The best part is that the company I’m working with are legit and rated extremely well. Thanks Google for recommending them first to me lol.

img_4493I recently went from blonde to having a darker hair color but not with trial and error. You can see that post here.

Um some other awesome news is I have a new life goal. Which is to volunteer for three months and then to work on getting my wig business back up and running. I plan to do things much differently the second time around. And just take it easy with it. I’ve learned to have patience in a lot of things in my life. Of course I’m still learning in other areas with that. But at least I have a set goal. And my calling is working with alternative hair for sure. This I know for a fact.

So that’s it really, talk soon


2 thoughts on “Life Update For September

  1. It all sounds good, Lana! I’m wondering if you still get statements from your credit cards…you want to look at them and be 100% sure they aren’t either still charging interest OR charging you some other sneaky fees. When I tried working with a service, it turned out the credit companies stopped charging interest BUT started charging me a different fee to make up for it. At the end of two years trying to pay off my debt, it hadn’t budged due to them finding a way to keep adding to the debt. So be sure to keep an eye out!!

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