Diva’s Getting Skinny!

img_4586I called the vet to find out what I could do for divas weight. They recommended that I give her less treats and see how that goes. An acquaintance of mine who would give Diva dog treats every time we saw her and her dog. She lives close by and very close to the path I walk her on. Anyways I was getting concerned because it was like she wasn’t losing enough weight but once I cut back on the amount of treats she was getting as well me giving her she’s really dropped down.

I recently weighted her and she’s sitting at 18.6 pounds. Which is awesome because her ideal weight is 17.5 so she’s a lot closer now to before which was 19.4. I’m extremely happy and can tell she’s lost weight because when I pick her up she’s lighter. I know it’s not good on senior dogs for them to be over weight or any dog for that matter.

I want her to be as healthy as possible and that means cut back on the treats she gets. I did inform my friend to give less snacks because Diva needs a cut back. She respects it which is awesome.

Need Diva to be her fit self. And stay around longer.


John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening S&C

When I was blonde I used the formula for blondes and it worked my removing brassy bits. But now that I’m brunette and don’t want to color my hair as often as one usually has to with dying their hair I thought maybe this combo would work. I didn’t buy the leave in treatment that you use in shower then rinse out because I got no time for that haha. Plus I don’t want to color my roots. This review I will do an update because I used it for the first time today.


Now tracking the shampoo down has been quite funny because the drug store near my house didn’t have any on the shelves or in the back but they did have the conditioner. So I bought that first because it was on sale. The Walmart near my parents place had the shampoo but only one bottle which is the one you see above. And of course they had lots of conditioner. My only guess is that the shampoo is extremely popular.


Create deeper, richer, more lustrous colour as you cleanse. Formulated with cocoa and evening primrose oil, our Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™Colour Deepening Shampoo infuses rich, dark tones so you can deepen the spectrum of your brunette colour.
For use on natural or colour-treated hair and for use on highlights and lowlights.


Intensify deep, rich, lustrous tones while you hydrate. Formulated with cocoa and evening primrose oil, our Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™ Colour Deepening Conditioner enhances the dark tones in your brunette spectrum, so you can reveal deeper colour. For use on natural or colour-treated hair and for use on highlights and lowlights.

I have put together three side by side before and after photos showing a slight difference. I’m sure with continued use the color will get richer. Which to than I’ll come back and do a re review with also a YouTube video. I love the smell of them as well.


If you have used the products mentioned above let me know how you liked them.


Not Giving A Huge Fuck🖕🏻

When it comes to online dating. Recently I rejoined two apps OkCupid & Badoo. Lately I’ve been getting more bites from OkCupid and though I could have gone for coffee with one guy I did cancel it because A. I wasn’t feeling it (if a guy says he’s gonna call and you spoke to them on a Saturday and it’s coming into Thursday cancel before he does) and B. If you’re not that attracted why waste your time and there’s. I sent him a message and said sorry but I’m not feeling it. His response was oh I hope it’s nothing I said or did like not calling when I said I would. I simply told him “no it wasn’t that just that I’m not feeling it and best of luck to you”.

Than I get a text from this one guy who I had spoken to earlier in the year or even last year from Badoo. I had to throw his number into Facebook to see who he was because I don’t save guys numbers in my phone as backups when they don’t show or become a ghost. I’ve got no time for that 💩. He tells me how he owes me that ☕️. I asked him why he texted me and he says “oh I saw you on Badoo”. So we go to make plans to have coffee on Saturday the time was for 1pm. I get a text from him at 2:39pm it reads Hi Hun just with a client. (He works in a gym). My response to him was “Sorry, who’s this?”. stupid fuckingg people why can’t people have more respect.

This next one is priceless. Started talking to this guy from Badoo spoke for about a week. Made plans to get together yesterday. But the night before I thought I would FaceTime him because he had called me that way twice before. He tells me he’s tired and watching tv 📺 with no mention of friends being over. When the call gets connected there’s a woman on the other end and not him. I disconnect as anyone would. I send a text going ” So I take it the girl who answered my FaceTime call is your girlfriend” And he’s like “I have no idea what you are talking about but I’m with some friends at the moment and can’t talk”. My response back I had brought it up again and he just didn’t respond to it. Sure he could have been with friends but then why not just say it in the beginning and why let your friends accept a FaceTime call?.

But the best part of this story is the text message I got from him yesterday evening. He’s in the grey and I’m in the blue. I also want to point out I didn’t make any plans but I wasn’t going to let him know that. I honestly knew he was going to cancel because my  intuition had already told me. When I finally got his text I didn’t respond right away because I was working out and didn’t want to be like sitting next to my phone you know?.


Not one word back from him. Funny how that is. Typically if I’m not 💯 % into someone I’ll straight up tell them. Not waste the persons time but again that’s just me. I’ve been back on these two apps for the last few weeks but everyone who knows me knows I’ll  remove my self probably sooner than later and take a break as I usually do. You know being single kinda sucks but it doesn’t suck as much as having to deal with dating BS. This I have come to realize. The main reason I like Badoo is people talk but what I’m learning is that’s all they do is talk. It’s like people are afraid to meet face to face.

Messy Updo 💁🏻

So it’s been a while since I updated in the beauty posts of my blog. But I wanted to share my first messy up-do. Took me all of maybe five minutes if that. I braided my hair and all I did was tuck it under and secured it with a few bobbie pins going in different directions. I’m feeling extra proud of my self because my hairs never been long enough in the past to do something like this. So it’s pretty freakish cool if I do say so myself.


Also keep an outlook for my review on John Frieda’s Deepening Shampoo and Conditioner combo for brunettes. Side note the drug store near my house was sold out of the shampoo and the Walmart near my parents place I managed to buy the last bottle. So I’m assuming people buy the shampoo and not the conditioner.

Over & Out

The Recent Terrifying News Of Kim Kardashian In Paris!

With what happened to Kim Kardashian though some people are not a fan of her or the family what recently happened to her should be a wake up call to us all. We all over share to much. From where we check into on Facebook it’s called check in to what we post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Be careful, watch what you post. Keep your children off the internet. Though people like to share family moments of your kids keep your account private if they aren’t already.

We currently live in a world where it’s all about over sharing. Look what I bought, look at my makeup room, look at this look at that. It’s basically an invite for strangers to come and track your butt down. Sure she could have not posted about the diamonds she was rocking. And yes she could have been a little less public with where she might have been staying or what have you and yes what happened to her is extremely scary. But it’s a wake up call to us all to be less public with our lives. Like if your out and about do a check in on Facebook after you left where you were.

Just be more aware!

Hello 👋🏻 Size 6!!!

b6fab02f-2710-4b62-bb3f-bcc476a76d24So even though I am now working out three days a week. I’m assuming the carbs I’m consuming is the main culprit in my weight not really going down or it’s the muscle I have gained. My sizes 2’s aren’t fitting me as much as I’d like and even the size 4 pair of jeans I own are just to snug and not in a good way. I only have one size 2 that fits and I think because of the stretch in it.

Anyways I just ordered two new pairs of pants both in size 6. A vintage style cord in that deep berry color with a flair and the boot cut darkish denim. And then scooped up that pretty pale pink top to get free shipping. I’ll keep my sizes 2’s and my size 4 when I go down again. But I feel that I’m at a healthy weight. Even with my three workouts a week. I’m eating pretty healthy with some cheats. I don’t mind being a size 6 again. I’m still slender and I’m happy with that.

P.S. Happy  🦃 Weekend

Over & Out

My Little Experiment

So before I coloured my hair and I would use the online dating world 🌎 I would get hounded for sex. My hair was blonde and guys mainly would message me for that. Since going brunette I haven’t been on any dating apps. And till last night. I rejoined OkCupid and so far I’ve been getting messages and so far the messages I have gotten have been pretty decent. Nothing overly sexual and if anything I might have a date sooner than later.

So I’m going to stay using it and see what happens. I’ll report back in about a weeks time and update.