Hello 👋🏻 Size 6!!!

b6fab02f-2710-4b62-bb3f-bcc476a76d24So even though I am now working out three days a week. I’m assuming the carbs I’m consuming is the main culprit in my weight not really going down or it’s the muscle I have gained. My sizes 2’s aren’t fitting me as much as I’d like and even the size 4 pair of jeans I own are just to snug and not in a good way. I only have one size 2 that fits and I think because of the stretch in it.

Anyways I just ordered two new pairs of pants both in size 6. A vintage style cord in that deep berry color with a flair and the boot cut darkish denim. And then scooped up that pretty pale pink top to get free shipping. I’ll keep my sizes 2’s and my size 4 when I go down again. But I feel that I’m at a healthy weight. Even with my three workouts a week. I’m eating pretty healthy with some cheats. I don’t mind being a size 6 again. I’m still slender and I’m happy with that.

P.S. Happy  🦃 Weekend

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2 thoughts on “Hello 👋🏻 Size 6!!!

  1. We’re living in the same world right now because I’ve gone up two sizes too! I need to get some control over it though because I don’t want to gain anymore. I cut out sodas three days ago and need to start exercising regularly again to halt the progress, so to speak. Lol

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