The Recent Terrifying News Of Kim Kardashian In Paris!

With what happened to Kim Kardashian though some people are not a fan of her or the family what recently happened to her should be a wake up call to us all. We all over share to much. From where we check into on Facebook it’s called check in to what we post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Be careful, watch what you post. Keep your children off the internet. Though people like to share family moments of your kids keep your account private if they aren’t already.

We currently live in a world where it’s all about over sharing. Look what I bought, look at my makeup room, look at this look at that. It’s basically an invite for strangers to come and track your butt down. Sure she could have not posted about the diamonds she was rocking. And yes she could have been a little less public with where she might have been staying or what have you and yes what happened to her is extremely scary. But it’s a wake up call to us all to be less public with our lives. Like if your out and about do a check in on Facebook after you left where you were.

Just be more aware!

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