Not Giving A Huge Fuck🖕🏻

When it comes to online dating. Recently I rejoined two apps OkCupid & Badoo. Lately I’ve been getting more bites from OkCupid and though I could have gone for coffee with one guy I did cancel it because A. I wasn’t feeling it (if a guy says he’s gonna call and you spoke to them on a Saturday and it’s coming into Thursday cancel before he does) and B. If you’re not that attracted why waste your time and there’s. I sent him a message and said sorry but I’m not feeling it. His response was oh I hope it’s nothing I said or did like not calling when I said I would. I simply told him “no it wasn’t that just that I’m not feeling it and best of luck to you”.

Than I get a text from this one guy who I had spoken to earlier in the year or even last year from Badoo. I had to throw his number into Facebook to see who he was because I don’t save guys numbers in my phone as backups when they don’t show or become a ghost. I’ve got no time for that 💩. He tells me how he owes me that ☕️. I asked him why he texted me and he says “oh I saw you on Badoo”. So we go to make plans to have coffee on Saturday the time was for 1pm. I get a text from him at 2:39pm it reads Hi Hun just with a client. (He works in a gym). My response to him was “Sorry, who’s this?”. stupid fuckingg people why can’t people have more respect.

This next one is priceless. Started talking to this guy from Badoo spoke for about a week. Made plans to get together yesterday. But the night before I thought I would FaceTime him because he had called me that way twice before. He tells me he’s tired and watching tv 📺 with no mention of friends being over. When the call gets connected there’s a woman on the other end and not him. I disconnect as anyone would. I send a text going ” So I take it the girl who answered my FaceTime call is your girlfriend” And he’s like “I have no idea what you are talking about but I’m with some friends at the moment and can’t talk”. My response back I had brought it up again and he just didn’t respond to it. Sure he could have been with friends but then why not just say it in the beginning and why let your friends accept a FaceTime call?.

But the best part of this story is the text message I got from him yesterday evening. He’s in the grey and I’m in the blue. I also want to point out I didn’t make any plans but I wasn’t going to let him know that. I honestly knew he was going to cancel because my  intuition had already told me. When I finally got his text I didn’t respond right away because I was working out and didn’t want to be like sitting next to my phone you know?.


Not one word back from him. Funny how that is. Typically if I’m not 💯 % into someone I’ll straight up tell them. Not waste the persons time but again that’s just me. I’ve been back on these two apps for the last few weeks but everyone who knows me knows I’ll  remove my self probably sooner than later and take a break as I usually do. You know being single kinda sucks but it doesn’t suck as much as having to deal with dating BS. This I have come to realize. The main reason I like Badoo is people talk but what I’m learning is that’s all they do is talk. It’s like people are afraid to meet face to face.

4 thoughts on “Not Giving A Huge Fuck🖕🏻

  1. I really hate it when guys waste my time as well, or lead me on to believe they want one thing, but then back step to really want something else. It’s frustrating, but I’ve learned that some guys are just rude.

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