Diva’s Getting Skinny!

img_4586I called the vet to find out what I could do for divas weight. They recommended that I give her less treats and see how that goes. An acquaintance of mine who would give Diva dog treats every time we saw her and her dog. She lives close by and very close to the path I walk her on. Anyways I was getting concerned because it was like she wasn’t losing enough weight but once I cut back on the amount of treats she was getting as well me giving her she’s really dropped down.

I recently weighted her and she’s sitting at 18.6 pounds. Which is awesome because her ideal weight is 17.5 so she’s a lot closer now to before which was 19.4. I’m extremely happy and can tell she’s lost weight because when I pick her up she’s lighter. I know it’s not good on senior dogs for them to be over weight or any dog for that matter.

I want her to be as healthy as possible and that means cut back on the treats she gets. I did inform my friend to give less snacks because Diva needs a cut back. She respects it which is awesome.

Need Diva to be her fit self. And stay around longer.


3 thoughts on “Diva’s Getting Skinny!

  1. We have a tendency to over-feed our pets…we have to watch it or they gain! They’re just always so cute and we love to feed them when they look hungry, of course they always look hungry LOL.

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