John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper / Colour Deepening Treatment

Okay folks time for a up-close and honest review of this.

So a little while ago I bought the shampoo and conditioner of this line and rather liked it. In fact I like the smell of it too. But as far as making me go one shade darker that didn’t happen. But I really didn’t care because I liked that it was for Brunette hair. So then I thought I would buy the Colour Deepening Treatment.


I’ve used this a few times. So basically you use this after you shampoo but in replace of conditioner. I would say it does darken up your hair somewhat. Does it do it up to one shade Deeper that I don’t think so but it does make your hair richer.

However: It does nothing for grey hair!

It doesn’t cover it. Or blend it or make it darker or make it disappear. There is the sticker on the back that does flip open case in point below.


Also case in point the part has grey.


The fact that it says not recommended for blonde or grey hair should tell you something. So if you have grey hair and you were thinking of buying this product to cover grey or help you camouflage your grey hair it won’t do squat. I would not recommend this hair product for people with grey hair. If you are fine and are grey hair free well congratulations do you want a cookie đŸȘ lol.

Over & Out


Reaching A High Note

Do you ever feel like your high on life?

Well that’s me right now. Today as I was out I had so many people look at me and I couldn’t help but smile. It made me laugh a few times because I feel different. And it has to be noticeable looking at me.

Today was my last session with my therapist. I had a feeling today would be but wasn’t a 100% sure. I had told her I feel different ever since I had my mini reading from Halloween. She said the energy about me is different as well. I had asked if it was possible to see her once a month and she said no how about it be the last. I said okay though if at any time I might need her again I can call. She thought I was ready to stop a while ago but wanted me to say it.

Then after seeing her I walked to catch my bus home again people were looking at me almost like there was a light shining on my face. As I wait for the bus and chat to a friend on my headset this guy comes up and asks me for the time. I share the time with him and then he says “You have the most beautiful eyes and face, if you have a boyfriend or husband they are very lucky”. I thanked him.

My makeup today isn’t anything special


I guess the energy I give off now is pretty major. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when you’re in a self acceptance love yourself zone. And you know your self-worth is more than what you have been getting from the past and you know your worth amazing things. I don’t want to sound weird but I feel fucking fantastic.

Positive thinking will take you places.

The End Of Dating Apps


Have you ever had a feeling so strong that you know you will meet the one for you. But it won’t happen using the online method that includes dating phone appsÂ đŸ“±. Yesterday in my reading I got confirmation that my feeling was right. The man I meet I’ll do it the old fashion way in person.

Honestly my thought on all dating apps is this it’s all bullshit. People waste so much time on them that they miss out connecting with everyday people who pass them by on the street or in coffee shops or where ever you might be.

People are so afraid of being let down or being to shy to say hello that they miss out on possible connections. Dating apps aren’t really for dating if anything they are time wasters. I’ve heard over the years from guys when they say “I’m just to busy”, Nobody said dating was easy, no body said relationships are a walk in the park. In fact things take work. Everyone is capable of making time. It’s just a matter of how bad do you want things such as a relationship.

So my new path at the moment is to build the relationship between my self and my friendships and focus on me and my path to a fun-filled career. I’m opening my heart and my self up to the arts and the angels to guide me to the path I’m supposed to be on.

And when I’m supposed to meet the guy for me it will just happen. I’ve always said that everything happens for a reason.

Over & Out

My Card Reading

I went and saw a medium today with a friend. I had met this lady on Halloween and she gave me a small reading then but today I was able to have an hour with her and I got a full card reading and then some.

If you have about an hour to listen to the whole video then awesome. I tried it make it shorter by removing some not important things. I also included some photos of the cards as well a few photos in the beginning of how i was dressed today. I was allowed to record the session by 📝 memo. This video isn’t public overly as in you can’t find it if you don’t have the link because I’ve unlisted it. But by me posting it here you can check it out. A few family members came through as well.



For anyone who is not a friend of mine there is a documentary that is currently being made and I’m apart of it. Wait I’m not just apart of it I’m in it not just in it but the documentary is about me. Before I get into more of the details let me just start off by saying I could have never have done it a year ago or even two years ago.

Its taken me a very long time to actually accept my self for who I am and to love my self  whole heartedly. And so with that I’m finally okay with who I am. I also believe everything happens for a reason. That being said the timing is just right.

Im on an email form and back in September someone had posted an email by a University student looking for someone who was trans to do a doc. I sent her an email.

My email said this

I’m a trans female age 36. I’ve finished my transition but not without daily struggles living with anxiety. I’d be very interested in educating if I can. Lana

I also included a photo with that email


She emailed me back and we set up a place and time to meet and chat. I was one of many that they were interviewing. The interview went well I thought and I had said in my chat with her and one of her teammates that there have been many docs about older trans people who are married with kids or docs about kids but never have I really seen any of mid 30s trans women who are not married who don’t have kids who have  successfully transitioned. They agreed and that chat went on for about an hour I’d say. Then I was done and left the location.

Well they got back to me and said that the others they did interview many of them were not comfortable to be filmed fully on camera if they were chosen, either their voice could be but not face or what have you. I told them I’d be comfortable with being on film and so forth.

At first once I found out they chose me my nerves and thoughts ran wild. Here I am a pretty passable trans girl where for the most part people don’t know I’m trans will all know my face once this documentary goes public and be aired on T.V. most likely. My so called private life will be out there for the world to see and how will my life change afterward. This is what went through my head.

I was told filming would start of the 16th of October and the main story line of this doc would be like a day in the life of a non famous trans person. Well the day of actually filming was the day of my 37th birthday which was this past Saturday Nov 12th. At first I was told they were filming me get ready for my birthday party. But then Thursday I was asked if it would be alright if maybe they could film me out with my friends at the bar I was having my birthday at. At first I wasn’t feeling it to be honest it’s one thing to film me get ready it’s another to film me out with friends having drinks. But I signed up for this doc so I said sure.

To be honest I’m glad I said yes because it will be forever on film. That being said the film crew left at around 11:30pm. I had an amazing time a lot of friends came out and I’d say a good handful were okay with being on film as well the crew did mini interviews with my friends. Also a few new friends I had just met two weeks prior were also on board with being filmed which I really thought was amazing.

img_4718I decided to not do my hair and instead I rocked a wig. Which I did speak a little bit about on why I rock wigs. I didn’t mention my trich that I have over come but I did say that they are fun and they are not just for people who have hair loss or medical but they are quick and easy and are a great fashion accessory. Three people of four of the film crew are in the photo left. That is on location at the bar.

I wasn’t going for Morticia Addams Realness but that’s what a few of my friends said I looked like. I wore all black with a sexy low necklace. I went all out with my eye makeup even rocking a lash. Nude nail polish and my dress was long sleeved wrap dress with black tights and black ankle booties. I thought I looked classy. I was also told I could give Elvira a run for her money 💰 lol.

img_4241They got a shot of me opening a gift from my best friend who got me a beautiful bracelet. It’s delicate and elegant and lovely. I’m just glad they got the shot because once you tear wrapping paper there is just no going back lol.

After the film crew left I really let loose and then left and got home pretty late with not much sleep since I woke at 7:30am. Then it was off to the folks for the day but not without more filming Sunday evening at my parents place. They filmed the family dinner as well desert and card opening. My brother wasn’t apart of it because he didn’t want to be on film though he said it was my thing I wish he was there because they wanted the family interaction and he’s my big brother but it is what it is.

Filming resumes on Wednesday all day then again on Thursday some in studio and Friday afternoon. In total this is what’s called a Short Documentary lasting 10mins or so. And with that kind they can take from 10 to 30 hours of film edit it down to 10mins. There will be a screening in Jan where I can invite family and friends ill also get a copy and then from there it will go on to whatever.

As I told some friends on Saturday even though this documentary is about me in the end it really has nothing to do with me in the sense that, if I can not only open the eyes of the public but also help someone who is just figuring out who they are and that they are not alone then my job is done. Trans people are everywhere and we won’t be going away. Trans people have existed for a very long time.

So this is what’s been happening with me recently.

Talk soon

What’s The Deal With Yo Hair Gurl?

I’m not sure if anyone has really taken much notice but I sure have and I want to know what’s the deal with hair extensions not being perfectly blended?. The last few times I’ve watched the Kardashions, Khloe’s hair you can see where her short hair is and her longer extensions are. Now before anyone bitchs me out for watching the show. Khloe is my favourite probably because she’s tall and I do think she’s mad pretty.

But I’ve also noticed it on GiGi Gorgeous in a few of her YouTube videos. I also love watching her channel as well. I think it’s more noticeable when it comes to those super long extensions because there’s less layers I’m guessing. So my question is does it really matter anymore if they are not perfectly blended?.

I’m assuming they are just Clip-ins and extensions the clip-in kind look best when the hair is curled if you don’t have layered extensions. Oh also I was on the bus this week and I was sitting higher up and noticed this girl she was very pretty perfect makeup but I could see a few of her tape in extensions way to high on her head. I thought who ever did them put them to high and like there was no hair covering them. So either she doesn’t care or maybe she’s not aware of that.

So again is it just me or is the new extension trend just not giving a fuck?. Any thoughts from anyone?. Or maybe I just notice it more because I know what to look for because I’m a hair wearing gal lol.

A Clear Path & Mind

So before I get into why I’ve titled his post A Clear Path & Mind I want to share how my Halloween was and what all happened. So a month before Halloween I was dead set on being Marilyn Monroe. I have the white dress I knew what shoes I was going to wear and it was going to be perfect and till I decided to re dye my hair blonde. That was a huge shit show mess and you can watch the whole process here .

Anywho let’s just say the blonde didn’t workout and I became a brunette again. That being said I was going to rock my blonde wig Soft & Subtleby Gabor . Everything was going to be great but then I took into account getting to the Halloween party I was invited too and transportation. He costume was just not going to workout.

Plan B. I’ll go as a sexy vampire. I headed to my local Value Village second hand clothing store which always has a big selection of Halloween costumes new and gently used. And picked up a black bell sleeved velvet vampire top for $19.99 Some grease white makeup and some fake blood as well a black red bead choker which I got for like $1.99 . I thought okay I have a black faux leather Calvin Kline skirt. I have black thigh high hose with the line going up the back. Black faux suede ankle boots and I have a purple and black lace corset. And for hair I’d rock my Bennett wig . To get my makeup look perfect I went to YouTube and watched a bunch of different makeup looks to get ideas and then did three different makeup trials. However I did not end up using the grease makeup that I had bought but I did pickup a stick foundation in light from NYC it was under $5.00 but did the job perfectly. I also tried to use two different faux fangs but in the end they never worked for my oddly shaped teeth.

Everyone loved my contour which was pretty cool. To really chisel out my cheek bones and collar bone and just curve out my breasts I contour and high lighted every part that was visible. All I used was white shimmer eye shadow and to darken areas I used three different coloured purple shadows. I had bite marks on my left side of my neck. That’s one of my main reasons for wearing that particular wig since it’s short on the left side. No hair would rub it off. I did have to cut the top a little to show more cleavage and I’m also wearing a padded push up bra.

I was a little nervous to go to this party though I knew a few people who were going there was way more people who went. But I knew I’d have fun and if anything I’d meet new people and you just never know what can come about. I had an amazing time at the party and I ended up winning best sexist costume which was pretty awesome at the party but what was even more amazing was there was a medium at the party doing 10 minute readings and the main title of this post is what I’ll be talking about now. My friend who was throwing the party told me there was a medium and I had asked if I could get a reading. Very nice little lady, I sat down and she had shuffled a deck of cards laid them down and asked me to pick up a card. I picked up the Queen of Cups. Which I thought was interesting because of my card reading last year which you can find here.

I had also asked about when I might be working or doing what for work. She went on to say acting or being in films and movies which I thought was interesting but the biggest surprise was that my Aunt/God mother took over the whole reading. She passed away in May. Basically my Aunt said she finally understands me. Everyone over there is rooting for me and you rock đŸ€˜đŸ». That when I spoke to her over the phone we said everything that needed to be said and that it was better that I wasn’t there when my parents went to see her. Because if I had been there near the end it would have affected me in a big way and that it wouldn’t have been good. Also that I’ve been through a lot but everything is going to be okay. Keep strong and also that she is my Guardian Angel. And if I ever need to talk I don’t no have to look up just over my shoulder. Also that she’s very proud of me and there is no gender over on her side and everything will work out.

I swear it was more like a 20 minute reading. And afterwards I felt like a calm release. Though I have to admit my eyes were watering up as Lillian the medium was speaking to me. After the reading I called my dad and told him what had just happened. I literally was going around to different people at the party and said go get a reading lol. I did take two business cards with me.

After my friends party I met up with some other friends at a bar that was not far from the party I had gone too. They all loved my costume as well and I went home at around 2am. I had an amazing time that Saturday. The day of Halloween I went to see my therapist which was fine but going back home and staying at home on the one year  anniversary that that scary incident happened I did have some reservations about but at 12am I went to bed and everything was fine.

Since Halloween weekend came and went I feel different like since my god mother coming through I just feel calmer and that yeah everything will workout like it’s supposed too. So much so that after my therapy appointment on Monday I’ve stopped taking my antidepressants. I just feel completely different. Of course my therapist and I talked and I’m trying the no pill method while I see her. But yeah I feel amazing and I’m really not freaked out about dating either like if it doesn’t happen right now it’s totally fine. I kinda feel like a million bucks to be honest!!!.

Hope everyone had a good đŸ‘»Halloween🎃


Its really not that bad. Less bullshit to deal with. Dating apps suck for the most part. I’ve been talking to someone quite regularly over the phone with phone conversations and texting though he lives quite far away about five hours or so but in Canada 🇹🇩 so that’s good. Where will it go I don’t know but for the time being it’s nice to connect.

I disabled my OkCupid account it’s kinda bleh, it’s not that interesting and if anything it’s boring as all hell. I was using Badoo up and till my account was blocked for apparently something I had done or posted but I’ve never posted anything that was weird but I don’t really care because Badoo is probably the worst app out there. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again there is a shit ton of BS on it. Most people are all talk on it. And I don’t care that I’m not using it.

Ive been wanting to take another break from the online dating apps so it’s perfect timing to do it now. The online world is not as fun as it used to be that’s for sure. One of my friends does the old school way she uses Quest chat. Which is a phone chat line. I’ve thought about it but meh not right now. For the time being I can’t be 😕 bothered.

I have a feeling I’ll meet someone soon and maybe even more organically.

Ill keep y’all posted.