Micro Trimming / Dusting

Micro trimming is an excellent way to transition out damaged hair due to chemical processing, coloring or heat damage without sacrificing a huge chunk of hair at one time. It allows a gradual grow out process.Nov 5, 2015

So I decided to start doing this to my hair. I did my first micro trim last night. The statement above I took from google. And I did google what is micro trimming. I’ve been doing some reading on it as well and some people say to do it every month or bi-monthly and others say to do it every 6 months. I’m gonna go for every 6 months. So my next micro trim will be April 30th.

This will also save me cash so I don’t have to go back to the hair stylist. I’ve also been reading articles on http://www.longhaircommunity.com in the forums sections. Which has a ton of information. Apparently I’m not alone in the quest of having long hair and I’m not as crazy as some think when it comes to my hair. Yay.

Have you tried micro trimming and or dusting and is your hair your passion?

 A great video is this women’s


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