Its really not that bad. Less bullshit to deal with. Dating apps suck for the most part. I’ve been talking to someone quite regularly over the phone with phone conversations and texting though he lives quite far away about five hours or so but in Canada 🇨🇦 so that’s good. Where will it go I don’t know but for the time being it’s nice to connect.

I disabled my OkCupid account it’s kinda bleh, it’s not that interesting and if anything it’s boring as all hell. I was using Badoo up and till my account was blocked for apparently something I had done or posted but I’ve never posted anything that was weird but I don’t really care because Badoo is probably the worst app out there. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again there is a shit ton of BS on it. Most people are all talk on it. And I don’t care that I’m not using it.

Ive been wanting to take another break from the online dating apps so it’s perfect timing to do it now. The online world is not as fun as it used to be that’s for sure. One of my friends does the old school way she uses Quest chat. Which is a phone chat line. I’ve thought about it but meh not right now. For the time being I can’t be 😕 bothered.

I have a feeling I’ll meet someone soon and maybe even more organically.

Ill keep y’all posted.



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