What’s The Deal With Yo Hair Gurl?

I’m not sure if anyone has really taken much notice but I sure have and I want to know what’s the deal with hair extensions not being perfectly blended?. The last few times I’ve watched the Kardashions, Khloe’s hair you can see where her short hair is and her longer extensions are. Now before anyone bitchs me out for watching the show. Khloe is my favourite probably because she’s tall and I do think she’s mad pretty.

But I’ve also noticed it on GiGi Gorgeous in a few of her YouTube videos. I also love watching her channel as well. I think it’s more noticeable when it comes to those super long extensions because there’s less layers I’m guessing. So my question is does it really matter anymore if they are not perfectly blended?.

I’m assuming they are just Clip-ins and extensions the clip-in kind look best when the hair is curled if you don’t have layered extensions. Oh also I was on the bus this week and I was sitting higher up and noticed this girl she was very pretty perfect makeup but I could see a few of her tape in extensions way to high on her head. I thought who ever did them put them to high and like there was no hair covering them. So either she doesn’t care or maybe she’s not aware of that.

So again is it just me or is the new extension trend just not giving a fuck?. Any thoughts from anyone?. Or maybe I just notice it more because I know what to look for because I’m a hair wearing gal lol.


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